GoPro Hero 5 Might Not Be Released This Year

By Staff Writer

Nov 30, 2015 05:47 AM EST

GoPro has started releasing its Hero cameras way back in 2004 and now the company is set to unveil another that is believed to the most advanced one. The GoPro Hero 5's release seems unlikely to happen this year. However, its specs are already being predicted to include an 8K resolution, 60-meter waterproof capability and more.

According to Parent Herald, there is still no official announcement from GoPro with regards to the release of the Hero 5. With this, it appears that the upcoming sport camera is not expected to be included in the list of gifts to be given this coming holiday season.

It was also reported that the recent delay of its release has already affected the company's position in the stock market as its stocks' price went down. But even if some investors may have lost their confidence on GoPro, the company still pushes through the delay of the Hero 5's release.

Furthermore, it is believed that the reason why the Hero 5 is taking some time to get unveiled is because the company wants to make sure of its quality and to enhance the new features of the sports camera. They are also asking for some patience from the fans, promising that the device will be worth the wait.

Christian Post cited some of the features that the GoPro Hero 5 might carry. The upcoming action camera has improved its waterproofing features which allows the device to function underwater to a depth of  up to 60 meters. The device will come with a dive housing unit that will come in handy during underwater shooting.

It is also reported to have an improved battery life of up to two hours of video recording when fully charged. Hero 5 will also have an improved Bluetooth feature for faster upload speeds than the older GoPro cameras.

Day Herald added that the upcoming GoPro Hero sports camera will be the first to sport a stable 8K HD resolution. This feature will double the 4K resolution that is present in GoPro Hero 4 and it will basically turn out images and videos to the best quality possible.

The GoPro Hero 5 will also be smaller in size and lighter in weight than the previous GoPro models giving it a sleeker appearance. It will weigh 40 percent less and appear  50 percent less than its predecessors. With this, it will be easier to hold and mount on helmets.

In addition, the upcoming will have a powerful A10 chip on the inside which will enable it to perform effortlessly under any conditions. .

As for the GoPro Hero 5's price, it is reported to come tagged between the $500-$600 range which is based on the specifications and features that it sports.

Many might have been saddened about the fact that the GoPro Hero 5 will not arrive this holiday season. Hopefully, the official specs and features that are yet to be confirmed will live up to the promise of the company. 

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