Happy 10th Anniversary, Xbox 360

By Money Times

Nov 24, 2015 03:51 AM EST

This November 10 years ago, Microsoft launched its Xbox 360, which is still regarded as the most successful Microsoft's game console. With Black Friday is approaching, Microsoft launches special offer for Xbox One, the Xbox 360 successor.

The story of Xbox began in 2001, when Microsoft enter game console industry with its first Xbox. At that time, game console industry was dominated by Sony with its Playstation 2, Sega's Dreamcast and Nintendo Game Cube. A year later, Microsoft launched Xbox Live to provide subscription-based online game service. Xbox Live enabled players to connect with other players via online. Although Xbox first generation was not a successful endeavor, Microsoft made an important move in video game industry.

Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005 and competing tightly with Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. It was sold much better than its predecessor, and it made Microsoft to be regarded as serious player in video game console. 

In Xbox 360's anniversary, PC Magazine quoted Mark Whitten, formerly the chief product officer of Xbox as he twitted, "So proud of the legacy of Xbox 360. The system built with a service inside turns 10. Congrats to the team & the fans that made it,"

Although unable to break the best selling records by Nintendo and Sony PlayStation series, but with its 80 milllion console sold worldwide, Xbox 360 is so far Microsoft's best selling game console. So far, the best selling game console is still held by Sony PlayStation 2 with over than 155 million units sold, and followed by Nintendo Wii with more than 100 million units sold worldwide. Even so, Some game magazines and enthusiasts designated Xbox 360 as the most influential game console, since it is the first game console to introduce online game.

Gamezone on Monday also reported how Mark Whitten recalled the first day of Xbox 360. Gamezone quoted several Whitten's twit regarding interesting facts about Xbox 360, including wireless technology in its controllers. During that time, wireless internet with BT technology was not yet available. Therefore, Xbox used the cordless phone technology for its wireless controllers. Mark Whitten is now a chief product officer at Sonos.

Xbox itself also celebrated its birthday by announcing a special deal for Black Friday. Forbesreported that Microsoft cut $50 Xbox One price to $299.99, and special offer of Xbox One and Xbox 360 for Xbox Live gold members. Xbox One is the successor of Xbox 360 that was launched in 2013, which unfortunately performed poorly in the market up to now, compare to its competitors.

In the event of Xbox 360 anniversary, Microsoft expect to boost sales of its poorly performing Xbox One with special deals in the Black Friday.

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