‘The Sims 4’ Updates: ‘Get Together’ Expansion Pack Features Two New Skills and New Stuff, Latest Patch Reintroduces Repair Services

By Staff Writer

Nov 13, 2015 12:13 AM EST


Die-hard fans of EA's "The Sims 4" are excitedly awaiting the release of its new expansion pack "Get Together."  The latest updates for the game teases two new skills perfect for social sims, club events and party activities.  Apart from the upcoming expansion pack, the repair man service for "The Sims 4" was introduced in a game patch.

In the latest blog post from The Sims, EA has unveiled two awesome skills that will be introduced to "The Sims 4" game with the release of "Get Together."  These new talents are the DJ and Dancing skills.  These two skills are critical abilities for some of the new clubs in "The Sims 4: Get Together," particularly the Spin Masters group. 

A sim with a high DJ skill will be able to pump up a party crowd to higher levels and entice other sims to dance to the beat.  Expert DJs will also be able to unleash special abilities such as Feel the Crowd which controls the emotions in the room and Teleposion which will allow the sim to control TV sets in the room for an ultimate party experience. 

Meanwhile, the concept of dancing may not be new in "The Sims 4" and "The Sims" game franchise.  Gamers have been enjoying looking at their sim characters bust a move, however, the "Get Together" expansion for "The Sims 4" will turn dancing into a skill.  Expert Dancers will be able to do cooler moves and other impressive feats.  Sims with the Dancing skill will also be able to do a Fire Dance during Bonfire parties. 

A new Dance Floor object will also be introduced in "The Sims 4: Get Together."  The new object will enable sims to engage in a Dance Battle and even show off the dancing prowess of Spin Master Club members in a cool Group Dance. 

Meanwhile, a new promotional image released through EA's Twitter account in honor of 'Movember,' features different facial hairs for sim characters.  According to Sim Community, the Twitter image released to celebrate "No Shave November" also features a brand new beard that will be released in "The Sims 4: Get Together."

Lastly, the latest patch for "The Sims 4" has added additional items to the game, along with the re-introduction of a classic "The Sims" service - the repair man.  In the November 3 patch notes, Halloween stuff which made it through the developers "Trick or Treat" challenge were added to the "The Sims 4."  Another highly anticipated return to the core game is the repair man service which was a standard service available in previous "The Sims" game versions. 

All these new cool stuffs, skills and club activities are only whetting the Simmers' interest in the EA game.  There's still a few more weeks of waiting before gamers can experience the new world of Windenburg, club activities and other game perks in "Get Together." 

"The Sims 4: Get Together" launches on December 8 in North America on PC and MAC.  


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