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'Sherlock' Season 4 Premiere, Spoilers: Martin Freeman spotted filming at Gloucester Cathedral; Benedict Cumberbatch greets fans

By Staff Writer | Jan 28, 2015 05:29 AM EST
(Credit: BBC) Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were spotted at the historic Gloucester Cathedral last week while filming for the show's Special episode to air this December.

Die-hard fans eagerly anticipating the return of BBC's Sherlock Season 4 are super hyped to see the central characters of the series last week, the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch and the charming Martin Freeman. The two internationally popular actors headed out of Gloucester Cathedral after filming the Special episode set to premiere this December.

Cumberbatch, 38, looks drop dead gorgeous clad in a deer stalker and full Victorian suit. A multitude of female fans cheered and greeted the Oscar nominee for best actor category as he stepped out of the shooting location alongside his co-star, Freeman, 43, who sported his classic neat look in a bowler hat and mustache.

The smiling heart throb exudes his 'Sherlock' demeanor still while he greeted the fans saying, "Morning, morning, morning" as he walked his way to a black Jaguar XJL driven by a chauffeur. Martin also flashed his smile to the crowd before getting on a grey Lexus ride.

A teenage sales assistant at Argos, Abi Parkes, wearing a Sherlock tee quivered as saying, "Oh my God, I've been stood out here in the cold for three hours and I can't feel my feet.."

"I love him and he definitely has a chance of winner an Oscar. I'm really excited to know what's going to happen next in Sherlock," she added.

Meanwhile, expecting viewers of Sherlock Season 4 premiere wonder what the show's heroes were doing inside the crypt at the Gloucester Cathedral. Fortunately, an insider from the cathedral has spilled the beans of what happened back there.    

"I don't know the plot but they moved a single bed into the crypt before they started filming, "a cathedral insider reportedly revealed to a news pipeline. "They also brought in some other props to put round the bed. I think they are pretending the crypt is another location and aren't using Gloucester Cathedral as part of the story."

On the other hand, Freeman, who plays the role of Dr. John Watson, sidekick and best friend to the famous detective, spoke his mind about the overwhelming attention that they have during filming.

"When we're filming at our stand-in for Baker Street, it is hard to do your job. And I don't love it, "Freeman reportedly said. "It's like trying to act at a premiere."

He continued saying, "There's such heightened sense of excitement, so everytime we come out, there's applauding-and it's like, 'No, can you n-' or if we do anything-'Cut'-applause..It's like, 'No this isn't a gig."

Sherlock season 4 premiere is set to yet take the small screens by storm in early 2016 succeeding a Special episode to air this December. 

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