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"Once Upon a Time" season 4 update: Goodbye "Rumbelle", hello "Captain Swan"? New cast info on "Frozen" arc and more!

By Staff Writer | Aug 13, 2014 09:46 AM EDT
(Credit: Reuters) Jennifer Morrison

When "Once Upon a Time" comes back for its fourth season, viewers will see an old romance die down, while a new one gets a proper date. New cast has also been confirmed, including Tyler Jacob Moore and John Rhys-Davies.

According to E! Online, Robert Carlyle dishes that "Rumbelle" will probably only be happy in the first episode. Emilie De Ravin, who plays Belle, reminds everyone that Gold is "bipolar" and that he isn't a "good guy". E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos also said that the Gold-Belle love story "won't take off in future episodes", says KDramaStars.

Meanwhile, Fashion & Style executive producer Edward Kitsis says that Emma Swan and Hook will be having their first date, which is long overdue after the many obstacles they've faced together and after that "passionate kiss" at the season 3 finale. "Their dates have been running from time travels and portals and monsters, so they're going to have a proper date," Kitsis said through E! News.

Jennifer Morrison, who portrays Swan, says that she was "shocked" when she was informed of where "Captain Swan" was headed. Fashion & Style quotes Morrison in a June interview saying Hook is a "kindred spirit". Morrison also said, "There's also something in them where they'll both go to great lengths to protect the people they care about-and sometimes they'll do really bad things to do that, but they both have really good hearts, so I think they see a lot of themselves in each other."

Also according to the Fashion & Style article, Hook's hard efforts to empower Swan last season has earned him her trust and has helped sparked the romance.

However, KDramaStars reports Morrison saying in a Digital Spy interview that she thinks the "Captain Swan" romance will not last long. She was quoted saying, "The bliss is not going to be for long because that's not very interesting." Morrison also mentioned the creators, saying that they will probably put a wedge between Swan and Hook, which could be another person or some distance.

As for the highly-anticipated "Frozen" arc, Tyler Jacob Moore has been announced to join the cast as Prince Hans, while John Rhys-Davies will be the voice of troll king Pabbie. Hallels also add that a sneak peek has been shown at the San Diego Comic-Con where Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) visited their parents' graves.

Season four of "Once Upon a Time" will start on September 28 on ABC. 

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