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China Solar Power

China is currently domiating in terms of Solar Energy and in here you will find out how they manage their solar industry.

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Google's Renewable Energy Seed Funding Starts In Taiwan

Google will provide seed funding in Asia's renewable energy that will start off in Taiwan. Through the Center for Resource Solutions, the funds will be used to set up renewable energy certification programs.

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Solar Power, South Africa's Answer to Energy Crisis

South Africa's energy crisis will now be answered by the launching of the largest solar farm built in Northen Cape. It could generate power that could supply electricity from renewable energy to 75,000 households yearly.

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Japan approves 85,550 MW renewable energy project, bulk from solar power

Japan gave the go signal for the 2012 clean energy projects that could produce up to 85,550 megawatts of renewable power, the bulk of which is from solar energy.

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Itochu Partners with Kyudenko to Build 21 MW Solar Power Station in Japan’s Saga Prefecture

21MW Solar Power Station will be built in Saga Prefecture by two leading Japanese company. Solar power becoming an important national project since the country’s shift in policies after Fukushima in 2011 to solar energy

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Nevada Governor to Face Impact Over Release of New Fee Solar Homes

Nevada governor Brian Sandoval get pressured after a group of 18 venture capital investors reverse new fees on solar homes that state utility regulator made effective on Jan 1. The regulation will give direct impact to development of solar energy and threaten future investment, the investor, and also the job cuts in the state.

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Morocco to build the world’s largest solar power plant

Morocco will build the largest concentrated solar power in the world at Ouarzazate city. The project, alongside with hydro and wind, will help provide nearly half of Morocco's electricity requirement by 2020.

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Albion Ventures announce financial support for Erin Solar

Erin Solar stands to receive GBP1.4 million from venture capitalist Albion Ventures.

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China's Sunergy sustained by higher margins, shares climb

China's Sunergy reported higher first-quarter shipments and earned about US$61.7 million.

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Siemens to close shop on solar energy businesses

Siemens to close Solel, its solar energy unit after failing to sell off the business.

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Circular Energy acquires Series A funding worth $2.7 million

Solar design company Circular Energy raised $2.7 million in funding mainly from Cypress Capital.

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Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd to Invest in New Solar Facilities in the UK

Lightsource to invest in new solar facilities in the UK.

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