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Google Fined by France Authority Over Privacy Issues Regarding the “Right to be Forgotten"

France’s data protection authority CNIL fined U.S. tech giant Google for failing to comply with the European top court’s ruling for the “right to be forgotten”. Google has implemented the ruling in Europe, however, the authority demanded that the ruling applied worldwide.

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Wikimedia Foundation to Develop Its Own Search Engine

The Wikimedia Foundation received a $250,000 grant to support its early stages of search engine project, The Knowledge Engine. The project will develop a search engine that goes across Wikipedia and other Wikimedia’s services, allowing users to obtain relevant information more easily.

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Google Reportedly Pays $1 Billion for Apple to Keep Its Search Bar on iOS Devices

In an Oracle court proceedings against Google, it was revealed that the search engine company could be paying Apple at least $1 billion in revenue-shares. The payment was made to keep Google's search bar on Apple devices. A source named the sharing percentage for Apple to be 34 percent, but it's yet to be officially confirmed nor denied.

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China's Baidu being punished for porn and commercialization

The company is accused of commercialization in the form of selling its forum's management and altering search results to show paying-websites. Last year, Baidu also faced punishment over pornography and violations of publishing regulations.

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China's Baidu to invest in Indian e-comerrce startups

The top online search engine already had the initial discussions with the three Indian startups. Baidu seeks to expand to India due to growing online population and internet user.

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Social Media Drives Significant Web Traffic to Trending Stories According to Analysis

Nowadays, we get more news from online sources rather than local newspaper., a publishing analytic company reported that social media has become more important to drive web traffic on top stories of the 2015.

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South Korean researchers develop HMD 30 times faster than Google Glass

A team of researchers from Daejeon, South Korea-based public research university Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) led by Professor Yoo Hoi-Jun have developed a head-mounted display (HMD) which is 30 times faster than Google Glass.

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China launches new government-run search site again

The launching of ChinaSo, reportedly being run by Xinhua's vice president, represents another attempt by the Chinese government to have its own state-run search engine, TechCrunch reported.

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Google invests in data centers in Nordic region

As mobile demand increases, so does data storage requirements so Google is now expanding its data centers in the Nordic region.

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Google's acquisition of Waze hurdle regulatory authorities scrutiny

Google was advised by the Federal Trade Commission that it would not object to the search engine's acquisition of mapping app firm Waze.

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Microsoft launches program for schools

Microsoft launched "Bing for Schools" project to aggressively promote own products.

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Yahoo-Perion partnership to benefit both parties

Yahoo entered into new partnership with Perion Network Ltd, which can benefit both parties by improving their individual services.

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Is Amazon becoming a search engine for jobs in America?

Amazon seemed like it was becoming a search engine for jobs in America.

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FTC updates ad guidelines, warns Google, Yahoo, Microsoft

The US FTC updated its 2012 advertising guidelines and sent a letter warning Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other internet search companies to follow or be fined.

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Google's mess in China risks being a blueprint in the US

Google's mess in China should concern the company as it brings risks of being used as a blueprint in the US.

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