How Streaming Revenue Will Surpass Pay TV Subscriptions In The U.S. Before 2025

By the third quarter of 2024, the streaming services in the U.S. will reach $17.3 billion, mostly driven by ad tiers and strategic collaborations.

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IoT Devices Is Expecting $732 Billion from 2016 to 2026 Global Revenue

Global Revenue for IoT Devices in the Residential and Commercial Sectors is Expected to Total $732 Billion from 2016 to 2026, According to Navigant Research.

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Starbucks China Expected To Eclipse U.S. Market

Starbucks sees the potential of its fast-growing China business to one day overtake the U.S. market. The company plans to open more stores in the next five years, half of which will be in the U.S. and in China as the brand remains attractive for the retailers.

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Investors on Swiss Company Roche Remain Cautious Despite Overall Business Improvement

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche has experienced an improved revenue this year. However, it also saw a decline in market cap as its invetors remain cautious on broader industry factors.

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Saudi Arabia Transfers Billions To Wealth Fund

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a directive to transfer $27 billion to the Public Investments Fund. The allocation to the sovereign wealth fund aims to diversify investments and lessen the country’s dependence on oil revenues.

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Black Friday Online Sales Peak With $3.34 Billion

Consumers took advantage of Black Friday's bargains, with online shoppers outpacing the number of people who actually lined up to avail of the incredible deals. This trend drove online sales to surpass the $3 billion mark, breaking records of sales from previous years.

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China’s Sees Upsurge In Industrial Sector, Profits Improve 9.8%

China's industrial sector gets a boost in profit as it gained a 9.8% year on year growth in October. The upsurge was a reselt of the improvement in the country's raw materials sector.

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Wednesday Laggards Are Utilities And Consumer Products

As of midday Wednesday, after the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections, the shares of companies under the Utilities sector has underperformed other sectors.

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FedEx Said Amazon Needs Tens of Billions of Dollars and Years to Compete

FedEx said in a statement that “a new entity competing” with the company will have to spend tens of billions of dollars to replicate its current extensive network. The statement, referring to Amazon’s new plan to get into the logistic business, also assured that FedEx’s relationship with Amazon remain strong.

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WhatsApp Will Stop Its Services for BlackBerry, Nokia, Also Older Androids and Windows

Facebook’s WhatsApp announced that they will stop supporting older mobile platforms, including BlackBerry, Nokia, as well as older Android and Windows operating systems. The decision would allow the app to further improve its features beyond older smartphones’ capabilities.

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$3.99 per Month for Ad-Free Wired Magazine

The offer is part of the company's strategy to gain income amid the increasing use of ad-blocking softwares. Websites had been losing significant advertisement revenues and develop other alternatives to bring ad-free experience while keeping the business going. The offer will start next week for $3.99 per month or $1 weekly.

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Schlumberger reports Q4 net loss of $1 billion, cuts 10,000 more jobs

Schlumberger Ltd, on Thursday, reported a net loss of $1 billion for the fourth quarter and also said that it has axed 10,000 additional employees, as an effort to adjust its resource and cost base.

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Google Reportedly Pays $1 Billion for Apple to Keep Its Search Bar on iOS Devices

In an Oracle court proceedings against Google, it was revealed that the search engine company could be paying Apple at least $1 billion in revenue-shares. The payment was made to keep Google's search bar on Apple devices. A source named the sharing percentage for Apple to be 34 percent, but it's yet to be officially confirmed nor denied.

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Atlantic City Casino’s Revenue Slashes By Half In The Past 9 Years, Sparking Dramatic Steps

Atlantic City casino's revenue reaches its worst gain this year. There is more than half cut since 9 years ago in 2006. The closing of many casinos in Atlantic City has caused 10,000 unemployments. A big plan is prepared by Governor Christie. It is said that Atlantic City will be taken over, but still no details are given.

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Ellie Mae beats expectations on the third quarter revenue as mortgage industry soars

The mortgage processing software company Ellie Mae Inc., showed a better-than-expected result on the company's third-quarter financial report, beating expectations. Ellie Mae's revenue jumped 61% to $68.9 million, beating the analysts expectations of 46% growth. The company's shares rose by 5.84% in the past week and 8.13% for the last 4 weeks.

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