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Charlottesville Is The Fastest Growing Venture Capital City in the U.S.

According to PwC and NVCA report, Charlottesville has been the fastest growing startup since 2010. Between 2010-2015, venture-backed startups increased 55% annually in the place where Thomas Jefferson's house is located.

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Venture Capital Firms Face Slowdown in Tech Funding

Venture capital firms raise less capital and face a slowdown in tech funding for 2015. However, the number is still above annual average since 2006.

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U.S. Venture Capital Fund Dropped 9% in 2015, But Strong Pace Continued

Venture capital fund in the U.S. dropped by 9% in 2015, but a strong fundraising pace from 2014 continued. Investor become more selective to put the capital in startup companies.

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US venture capitalists breaks fundraising record in 2014's first quarter

Venture capital firms in the US have raised a record-breaking total funding amounting to $8.9 billion in the first quarter of 2014, according to Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association.

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North Texas venture capital investment surged in 2013 -report

North Texas received more than $630 million in venture capital investments in 2013, demonstrating a significant improvement from the $126 million commitment the region received in 2012.

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2014 will be a year of results and not bubbles - report

In an attempt to argue against beliefs that this year will bear witness to a lot of bubbles, Jeff Bussgang said on his report that the technology sector will be contributing majority of groundbreaking records in terms of initial public offerings.

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Twitter's IPO is an indicator for future startups

Both Wall Street and Silicon Valley await how the market responds to Twitter's IPO.

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Venture capital funds raise USD4.1 Billion in third quarter - report

A report released by the National Venture Capital Association showed a record USD4.1 billion was raised by 54 venture capital firms in the past 12 months.

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US venture firm Q2 fundraising decreases 54%

US venture firm fundraising activity decreased 54% in the second quarter this year.

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U.S. venture firms raise $5.91 billion in Q2

U.S. venture capital firms raised $5.91 billion in the second quarter, but the total went to just 38 funds.

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