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Dumont & Blake reduces Apple's stake by 6%

Dumont & Blake Investment Advisors LLC reduced its shareholding in Apple by 6% in the final quarter of 2015. Dumont sold 2,164 shares of the company in the fourth quarter and currently owns 34,115 of Apple shares.

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Kopernik Fund moves up with value addition

Financial analysts David Iben-led Kopernik Fund is passing through a totally reverse situation as its performance is soaring from bottom to the top with rising valuations. The $682-million Kopenik Global All-C fund recorded a 15 percent growth in 2016 so far ahead of 99 percent of its peers.

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Overseas central banks are Fed's partner to accomplish rates

The Federal Reserve Bank have found a new partner in its struggle to confirm interest rate increase screens through the US economy. The trend of Fed borrowing billions daily to set a base under its standard policy rate has been conquered by foreign monetary authorities, Bloomberg said.

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Over diversification could dent returns on your funds

Don't put all eggs in one basket - this is basic investment principle in portfolio diversification. But keeping eggs in so many baskets will also not give the desired results, alert analysts.

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Retirees' target date funds making hedge fund style bets

A fast-growing segment of U.S. retirement plans is using hedge-fund type strategies to bet a small but increasing slice of their assets.

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Fund boards, management go on high alert around bond liquidity

U.S. fund firms are taking extra measures to make sure they don't get stuck holding hard-to-sell bonds in the event that fixed income markets see a massive race to the exits when interest rates start to rise.

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In quest for next windfall, tech funds look to healthcare

Some of the best-known technology investors are looking beyond their tried-and-true Internet plays to bet on healthcare data as the next growth market.

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KKR & Co liquidates two funds focused on individual investors

Private equity giant KKR will be withdrawing two funds targeted for individual investors, a move that is seen as a blow to its efforts to grow its product offerings beyond institutional investors, Reuters reported.

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Carlyle Group introduces first two mutual funds

Alternative asset manager Carlyle Group has introduced its first two publicly listed mutual funds, paving the way for Carlyle to offer its investment platform to retail investors, Reuters reported.

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Top forex mutual funds split on US dollar performance in 2014

John Hancock Funds and Merk Investments LLC, the top US foreign-exchange mutual funds who earned profits last year, had opposing views about the US dollar's performance this year, a Bloomberg report said.

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Indian regulator frustrates asset managers as control on mutual funds tighten- report

The Securities and Exchange Board of India or SEBI has tightened its control on mutual funds, causing frustration in asset managers, according to a Reuters report.

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Investment in activist funds can be a high-stakes gamble - report

A Reuters report cautioned the risks involved in investing in activist funds like Pershing Square Capital Management because just as it can earn high returns, it could also result to massive losses.

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Assets of money market funds drop USD3.15 billion - Investment Company Institute

Data released by mutual group Investment Company Institute showed an overall drop of money market mutual fund assets in retail, institutional, taxable funds, and tax-exempted fund segments.

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US bond funds get US$219 million rebound last week

US fixed income mutual funds attracted deposits from investors that came from redemption rebounds after the Federal Reserve announced scaling back of its stimulus.

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Fed's Reduced Bond Buying Threat Results in Fund Withdrawals

Fed's reduced bond buying threat resulted in fund withdrawals from several investors.

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