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Retail price for prescription drug increased in a very fast rate since for the last decade

The retail prices for prescription drugs have increased at a faster rate from the year 2006 to 2013. In 2013, the retail price hike for prescription drugs used by older people in America was 9.4%.

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Parker Conrad steps down as Zenefits CEO

Parker Conrad, co-founder and CEO of Zenefits steps down from his post as the company is under lots of pressure to meet its revenue projection. Besides that, the company also is under investigation for breaking few insurance regulations in at least seven different states.

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AXA SA purchases 8% stock in Africa Internet Group

AXA SA has partnered with Africa Internet Group to become the sole supplier of insurance products in Africa. The transaction will promote AXA's business strategy and help the French insurer to serve the African society.

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Uninsured Young Adults Get Bigger Fines, Doubled From Last Year

With the increase of the penalty for uninsured people that will soon be applied, young adults are having a hard time to choose between the high cost of insurance or the bigger fines for not having premiums. The fine amount is now doubled compared to the one in 2015. This is an effort by the administration to encourage people to get health coverage.

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IRS Fines 8 Million Americans, 0.3 Million of Them From Low Income Group

IRS has fined some 8 million people and 1.4 million households are forecast to fall prey of fines due to ignorance on new healthcare law. Commonly criticized as the Obama Care Law, the new law instructs all Americans to go through insurance net. But mainly due to ignorance about mandatory submission of tax returns and moreover legally remain exempted from tax net, have fall victim to count fine for $210 each.

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Two Harvard graduates make it easier to choose the right health plan thru data analysis

Two Harvard graduates, through their website, solve the challenge of choosing the right health plan in a labyrinth of health insurance coverage, rules, and companies.

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Five reasons to beware of autopaying bills

Autopaying bills is a no-brainer. You are never late with a payment, and you do not have to spend all that time going through stacks of bills, filling out checks, and then stuffing and stamping envelopes.

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Wal-Mart raises healthcare costs, cuts benefits for some part-timers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the biggest U.S. private sector employer, said on Tuesday that its 1.3 million workers would have to pay more for healthcare and it would end benefits for some part-time staff in a move that could prompt other companies to follow suit.

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Foursquare founder heads mobile team for health insurance startup

Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai was reported heading the mobile team of health insurance operator startup Oscar after leaving Foursquare last year.

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Singapore reveals improved social programs

The Singapore government disclosed plans of improving social programs to alleviate economic strains.

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Zacks: Health insurance is “thriving under stress”

According to Zacks, the health insurance industry is “thriving under stress”.

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