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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

Opinion among Federal Reserve Policymakers on U.S. rate hike isn't as divided as it seems

There are mixed opinions coming from the US Central Bank in the past few weeks, but the Federal Reserve policymakers aren't really as divided as they seem as they work under the same framework in determining when to increase interest rates.

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Job Hiring

Growth in U.S. employment could make Fed hike interest rate

American employers increased jobs at a quick pace last September, a signal that the labor market is close to full strength. This trend could possibly persuade the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at one of its two remaining meetings this year, according to the Business Insider.

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Stock Market

Asia shares trade at three weeks low after new data from China was released

The Asian market open lower on Tuesday as investors start to weigh in again the possibilities of a weak economy sign in China. The market fell to its three-week low and is raising concern in the U.S too causing a substantial loss in the Wall Street.

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Gas Station

Oils Prices Rallied, But Recovery Still To Take Longer

Oil Prices increased Wednesday, but Shell is not expecting a recovery anytime soon. Lower inventories and oil production in US petroleum supply caused a spike on oil prices Wednesday, but giant oil company Shell admitted it will still take longer before any recovery.

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National Bank of Serbia

Serbia cuts rates for 2nd time this month

With an objective of boosting economic growth, Serbia has slashed interest rate for a consecutive second month. The inflation rate is below the government's target and GDP growth rate was also eased in 2014. The decision of Serbia, the biggest former Yugoslav republic, to slash interest rate for a consecutive second month surprised everyone as it unexpected one both the times.

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G20 to hasten economic reforms, says cheap credit not enough

The International group of governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies agreed Saturday to hasten slow growth, saying the low interest rates will not be enough to accelerate economic improvement, but they are optimistic that growth will happen.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs' distress trading desk lost $60 million

Even giant Goldman Sachs has been adversely affected by the stock market chaos, as its 2015 distress trading desk lost about $50 million to $60 million.

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Wall Street Experienced a Staggering 1,200 Unprecedented Emergency Freezes

Selling on Wall Street was so drastic Monday that the stocks and exchange-traded funds went through unprecedented emergency halts 1,200 times.

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US economy

Despite jobless claims up, US 4-week average at 15-year low

The last week witnessed a sudden jump in new applications for unemployment benefits while the four-week average showing a healthy situation in the job market as it touched a record low since 15 April 2000.

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Protest for higher pay

These are the US cities with higher wage growth than the national average

Cities such as Columbus (Ohio), San Francisco, Louisville (Ky), Virginia Beach (Va) are registering encouraging growth in wages of over five percent while other cities have only 2.1% growth.

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Stanley Fischer

Fed's Fischer says US inflation rate temporarily low while labor market is on a rebound

Federal Reserve's Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer stated that although the US has achieved almost full employment, inflation is temporarily low.

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California Public Employees' Retirement System

Returns on US Public Pensions drop to worst since 2012

The US State and Local government pension funds registered worst performance since 2012 following the bleak performance in global stock markets and bonds.

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Nasdaq Marketsite

Tech leads Nasdaq, S&P 500; Disney sparks media selloff

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite rose on Wednesday following three days of losses as tech shares advanced, while the blue-chip Dow index ticked lower, weighed by Disney's largest daily drop in almost seven years.

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US Dollar

Stronger US dollar is a threat to emerging markets' currencies, and to US economy

The 40-year record high of US dollar against some major currencies is ringing alarm bells for another currency crisis. The ongoing situation could also trigger for another round of crash in the emerging markets. The world is more integrated now than in those days of 1980s and 1990s that witnessed major currency crisis.

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Weak U.S. retail sales hint at slower economic growth

U.S. retail sales unexpectedly fell in June as households cut back on purchases of automobiles and a range of other goods, raising concerns the economy was slowing again.

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