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Russia’s Agricultural Sector Shows Impressive Growth

President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that the growth in the country's agricultural sector will be no less than 4% by the end of the year.

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Deregulation Moves Predicted On Donald Trump’s Administration

President-elect Donald Trump has been filling his cabinet with surprising choices. His picks to hold significant positions in the cabinet are known adversaries of the agencies they will hold. Although his choices did not receive wide favorable response, he believes that his cabinet will remove regulations that stifle growth.

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Propery Investors To Face Tough Economic Condition in South Africa

Property investors would face tough economic condition in South Africa due to the economic resession the country is facing. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is attempting to overcome this by increasing tax, that could slow down property sales in the country.

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Drop in Indian Rupee, stocks not exceptional

The weakening Rupee against the US dollar and downfall on financial markets are not exceptional. The Indian currency is doing well as it's strengthening against other global currencies. Indian markets tumbled on Thursday as key indices Sensex and Nifty fell over three percent led by banking stocks.

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Lower oil prices to check inflation in Kenya

The Kenyan government is hoping to control inflation rate with the support from lower oil prices. Lower oil prices are supporting the Kenya's economy as the growth rate is expected to be six percent in 2016 from 4.5 percent in 2015. Inflation rate breached the government's target band of 2.5 percent to 7.5 percent as it reached to eight percent.

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China to curb risks from short-term local debt: vice finance minister

China will take steps to rein in possible risks from short-term local government bonds, including converting such bonds into long-term debt, the country's vice finance minister, Zhu Guangyao, said on Saturday.

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China's growth commitment to fuel global economy

Aside from the much talked about Bo Xilai trial, China aimed to turn the country into an innovative consumer driven, high income nation.

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Structural adjustments needed for China’s economic growth

China's Vice Finance Minister says there is no need for Chinese government to stimulate the world’s No. 2 economy.

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China poll sees local debt as future problem

Recent survey results conducted by Chinese economists feared that the local government loans will amount to future problems for the state.

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Capital goods spending increase in June, bolsters hope of faster economic growth

After a sleepy first half this year, capital goods spending arose last month, bolstering hopes of faster economic growth.

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Economic Stability in China Foreseen through Manufacturer Expansion

China is directed to a more stable economy as President Xi Jinping announced manufacturer expansion.

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