Report examines the possible solutions provided by bitcoins

Virtual currencies are all the rage these days, with Bitcoin at the lead. A report on The Irish Times examined the other solutions that the digital money could provide.

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Report predicts bitcoin will fail

The Bitcoin is doomed to fail because it is private money. This was the view expressed by Edward Hadas, the economics editor of Reuters' Breakingviews.

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Bitcoin gets competition from rival virtual currencies

The competition is growing in the world of virtual currencies as other rivals tout their advantages over the bitcoin, a report from The New Y0rk Times The Dealbook reveals.

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Bitcoin and other digital currencies on the rise

Almost all cryptocurrencies (peer-to-peer digital currencies) has been growing fast over the last seven days, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, PeerCoin, Megacoin, and Namecoin, according to

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Growing acceptance of bitcoin propels virtual currency past USD 1000 mark

The wider acceptance of bitcoins reportedly brought its trading value at over the USD 1,000 mark on Mt. Gox, encouraging speculators to grab their share of the virtual currency.

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Is Bitcoin the new gold?

Although Bitcoin and gold are driven by the same demand for alternative currencies, one fared better than the other. Wall Street Journal said investors are rushing to invest in Bitcoin as gold loses its appeal.

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Researchers retract claim of link between Bitcoin creator and Silk Road

Israeli computer scientists Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir retreated their claims in a report they published citing a financial link between the Bitcoin payment system and the operator of Internet black market Silk Road.

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'Ransomware' likely hitting jackpot with bitcoin surge

Cryptolocker thieves are taking advantage of the $1,000 surge of the Bitcoin value by spreading malware that threatens to encrypt computer data and collecting anonymous Bitcoin ransom from unwitting victims.

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Is Bitcoin the future of consumer money?

Should an average consumer ride on the Bitcoin frenzy? An article published on the The Guardian cautions investors about the unclear nature and use of the Bitcoin, and asks them to wait unless a government-sanctioned financial system for the virtual currency is in place.

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Bitcoin Price Hits $1,000 After Doubling in 7 Days. What Next?

The price briefly topped the equivalent of $1,000 on Chinese exchange BTC China back on 19th November, but this is the first time this level has been reached in a US dollar denominated exchange rate.

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Bitcoin's USD1000 mark on Mt Gox signals windfall for early investors

A report by the Washington Post noted that Bitcoin's increasing trade value would benefit early investors like Bitcoin lead developer Gavin Andresen and the Winklevoss brothers.

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What is Bitcoin? Report gives the lowdown on Bitcoin

Just what is the Bitcoin? A report from Wired gives a clearer understanding of what the digital currency is, how it is used, where it can be obtained and how to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe from thieves.

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Israeli computer scientists uncover Dread Pirate Roberts-Satoshi Nakamoto connection

A report from Israeli scientists explored the connection between the arrested operator of Silk Road Ross William Ulbricht and the secretive inventor of the digital currency bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Bitcoin is the new asset class - Secondmarket

The creation of The Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) by online marketplace SecondMarket was reportedly a precursor to more vehicles for investors intending to bet in Bitcoin at its popularity.

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Bitcoin - to bet or not to bet

As far as investors go, there are two sides to the Bitcoin - to bet or not to bet in the digital currency. Joe Light, in his Wall Street Journal report, provided these two sides.

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