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Regions Bank Senior VP Labeled “Racist of the Week” After Offensive Comment On Obama

President Barrack Obama has been the target of a Facebook rant posted by a Regions Bank VP. In response, the bank fired the associate and disavowed her comments.

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Donald Trump Approves Corporate And Individual Donations For Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump holds meetings with media executives as his inauguration draws near. He stated that he will be accepting donations from big corporations and individuals for the activities surrounding his inauguration.

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New Deal on Democrats.

New Deal is a series of program enacted in the United States.

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Obama Administration's 2017 Budget More Than $4 Trillion

US President Barrack Obama has finally disclosed the 2017 US budget details. Never to shy away from what he deems right, even in the last year of presidency, he has included his long-term liberal plans that have been widely criticized by the Congress. The highlighted ones are his global climate change initiative, fee levied on crude oil, and enhanced medical care for cancer patients and drug addicts.

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U.S. Ranks Third in the Global Tax Havens List

The United States is now third place in the list of top tax havens for foreign companies on the biannual Financial Secrecy Index by the Tax Justice Network, next to Switzerland and Hong Kong.

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Obama confident that Congress will vote in favor of TPP

US President Barrack Obama makes his first public remarks in front of business leaders at the U.S. Agriculture Department saying that he is confident that Congress will approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

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