Putin's Nuclear War Warning Sparks Alarm Amid Escalating US-Russia Tensions Over Ukraine Crisis

Putin's nuclear warning amid Ukraine crisis sparks global alarm. Escalating tensions prompts fears of catastrophic conflict, scrutiny of Russia's capabilities, and economic strain.

Oprah Winfrey's Departure From WeightWatchers Board Causes Shares to Fall by 29%

Oprah Winfrey's announcement that she was leaving WeightWatchers International, Inc.'s board has made the company's shares tumbling...

LockBit Hackers Set a Ransom Deadline to Release Donald Trump Documents From Georgia Case

Hacking group LockBit has issued a ransom demand to prevent the release of documents related to the criminal case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia...

Hunter Biden Exposes Republicans' Indifference, Double Standard on Jared Kushner’s Foreign Business Dealings

House Republicans grilled President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, about his foreign business dealings during his closed-door deposition on Wednesday...

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Some stocks linked to former President Donald Trump have soared after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ended his 2024 presidential bid.
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Russia's Vladimir Putin on Hunt for Property of Russian Empire, Soviet Union — Here’s Why
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has initiated a search for properties that once belonged to its former empire or were previously owned by the Soviet Union.
Billionaire Warren Buffett Tells Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser to Continue Overhaul: Report
Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has received an encouraging nod from billionaire investor Warren Buffett to proceed with the bank's overhaul.
Elon Musk Refutes xAI $500 Million Funding Report, Labels It 'Fake News'
Elon Musk took to social media to deny a report claiming that his AI startup, xAI, has secured $500 million in commitments from investors.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained in Germany, Faces Criminal Tax Proceedings Over Luxury Watch
Arnold Schwarzenegger was temporarily detained in Germany for failing to declare a luxury watch upon landing at Munich Airport.
Wendy’s Taps PepsiCo Veteran of 32 Years Kirk Tanner to be Burger Chain’s New CEO
Wendy's has chosen Kirk Tanner, a PepsiCo executive of 32 years, as its new CEO.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Says He's Done Talking About Bitcoin After Trashing It One Last Time
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Wednesday on the sidelines of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that he's done talking about bitcoin.
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