Big European Banks to Report Q2 Earnings This Week

The largest banks in Europe, such as Santander, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank, are set to report their earnings for the second quarter of 2024 this week following the announcement from the European Central Bank that it would not change its interest rates.

Asian Share Markets Likely to Falter Following Biden's Withdrawal from White House Race

Share markets across Asia are expected to stay in the red after last week’s tech bloodbath, as well as the shock announcement of US President Joe Biden bowing out of the presidential race in November...

HSBC Promotes CFO Georges Elhedery to CEO

HSBC announced that Georges Elhedery, its chief financial officer, will become the firm’s next CEO effective Sept. 2...

Bank of America Shares 4% Rise in Q2 After Announcing Net Interest Income Rebound Imminent

Bank of America recently announced that its second-quarter revenue and profit from investment banking and asset management fees exceeded Wall Street expectations...

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