GTA 5 Story DLC Liberty City Map Leaked by Voice Actor Shawn Fonteno; Rockstar Games Reveals Top TIPS for Freemode Events

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Oct 05, 2015 06:53 AM EDT

News on the much-awaited and fan demanded GTA 5 Story DLC of the game's campaign mode remains scant at the moment, however, the voice actor who gives life to the character of Franklin Clinton has dropped an image on Instagram with a caption that could have leaked the addition of Liberty City Map on the future expansion.  

According to iDigital Times, this new scoop of rumor on GTA 5 Story DLC release is courtesy of Shawn Fonteno who is known to voice Franklin Clinton. The image is shared on his Instagram Account and is captioned:



A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on Oct 1, 2015 at 7:21pm PDT

The image dropped by Fonteno showed Franklin behind the wheels off of a Bravado Gauntlet who had run into cops and hot on his tail. He also added a playful caption on the Instragram post, "SHHHHHHHHHH."

But an eagly eyed fan who follows the voice actor's Instagram Account had leaked a screenshot of his IG post with an original caption, "'SHHHHHHHH' does this look like LC at all?"

Based on the original caption captured, it appear that Fonteno is teasing a map expansion to be featured in the game's future DLC that will feature Franklin Clinton. The bridge in the background can be spotted on the image which spurred fans to speculated that the screenshot could be that of a San Fierro or Liberty City map.

But fans should take this rumor with a grain of salt. Last month, Rockstar North Director of Design Imran Sarwar, in an interview with IGN, responded to rumors on a GTA 5 Single Player update. According to Sarwar, no one in the team is working on it due to the fact that the studio focuses on GTA Online. 

In related news, Rockstar has currently revealed some useful tips to fans who will be joining the new Freemode Compeitition Events that were added to the game. 

The game developer has dished some of the best guides for Hunt the Beast, King of the Castle, Hot Property, and Moving Target noted via Express Co. UK.

Hunt the Beast

  • To follow the Beast for an extended period of time, use the expanded Radar by hitting Start then Settings and Display. Keep ears open and listen closely for any growling sounds, work together and use a helicopter to look for fleeing pedestrians.

King of the Castle

  • Well-placed proximity mines can be a great defense of the Castle. Use Merryweather to an advantage for a small fee and be sure to call in Mercenaries or a Backup Helicopter to dethrone the current King.

Moving Target 

  • Have a friend ride with you to help fend off attackers and then share the cash.

Hot Property

  • Once obtained, stay on the move with your briefcase in a fast car, remember the briefcase can be picked up from inside the vehicle, allowing to avoid exiting the car, hence, being more vulnerable to enemy fire.

Rockstar Studios have posted new job listings that could mean devlopement of more exciting addition to GTA 5 Online or better yet, the possibility of a Story DLC coming out of the pipeline soon. 

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