Evernote cuts down 47 jobs, closes three global offices

By Money Times

Sep 30, 2015 09:41 PM EDT

Evernote Corporation had layoff 47 of its workers and closes three of its global offices. Reports confirmed affected locations were in Moscow, Singapore and Taiwan.

Evernote CEO Chris O'Neill wrote in the company blog on Tuesday that Evernote had reduced 47 jobs. The company shuts down operation in three offices as well. "Today we let go of 47 people from the Evernote team and announced the closure of three of our global offices. We are grateful for the immense contributions of each and every affected person."

About 13% of its workforce has been affected by the layoff. O'Neill said this is to sustain the company as it moves forward. He said this time, they envision Evernote in the enterprise zone as a business tool rather than focusing on individual consumers.  

By the looks of it, they do not need a large labor force. Instead, the company will be managed by small teams.

The CEO wrote there are two things people could expect in the coming months as major enhancements will be launched around the features that Evernote users will appreciate. In the same way, they will retract those that do not support their vision.

To give us a hint, the Evernote Food feature; a clipper for recipe collection, had just turned off.

O'Neill said in a news from Tech Xina that Evernote must concentrate on productivity and revenue. Furthermore, it could only be done if they will sharpen its notable features which are notes, sync, and search.

Correspondingly, the Business Insider reported the three offices affected were in Moscow, Singapore and Taiwan.  A representative from Evernote said it's because the two Asian locations were more focused in sales and marketing while its Moscow office was more into development.

Its Asian operations will be transferred to South Korea though its operation in China will be retained.

O'Neill had been in Evernote for two months. For him, drastic changes must be implemented to achieve the company's growth. He said more developments will be expected soon.

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