From an iPhone to a Tesla car, how much energy do these devices really use?

By Money Times

Sep 28, 2015 06:26 PM EDT

It's not rocket science to figure out that everything that runs with electricity costs money; exactly how much it costs, however, has just been recently figured out.

People these days are not only looking for the best mobile devices; they are also on the lookout for better battery lives. Big Corporations such as Apple has taken an initiative for this. For example, according to MacStories the newly released iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus and its new iOS 9 have optimized apps and key technologies that help its users have an energy efficient experience. That's because everyone just struggles with battery life and there's no such thing as enough battery.

Other than that, the quest for a better battery life has gone from improving the actual device's battery every time latest version is released to actually inventing a charger that works like a WiFi. That's what TechNovator, a startup company, has thought of when it created its XE product called power router. According to Digital Trends, the technology will charge every smartphone with a special smartphone case that acts as a receiver so it can be charged wherever it is located. recently released a list of devices and how much money one spends on it for electricity consumption every year. Its purpose is to figure out just how much these advanced technological devices such as an iPhone, a VCR, or a Tesla Car have improved by how much they finally helped consumers save electricity money.

An iPad if drained and charged every day will cost the consumer $1.50 per year. Any mobile phone, if also drained and charged on a day to day basis, will cost 25 cents per year. A laptop computer will cost a consumer about $8 per year. A big screen Plasma TV costs about $45 per year. Xbox costs around $40 per year with its new consoles. An LED light bulb will cost $4.40 per year. A desktop computer costs about $36 every year. A Tesla car would only cost $450 per year with its 300-mile range battery. A washer and dryer would cost $300 per year while the water heater would cost around $600. The microwave oven would only cost a consumer 4 cents for every 15 minutes high cooking. The refrigerator today will cost about $42 per year - a huge saving from the 1980s and earlier models. The VCR is only $5 per year. However, the biggest taker is a house's heating and cooling technology, which accounts to $1000-ish every year.

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