Pokemon Z: Zygarde Forms Revealed; Are They Linked to Loki's Children?

By Staff Writer

Sep 27, 2015 05:00 AM EDT

Pokémon Z has teased fans all over the world at such a massive scale. Since then, patrons of game have searched long and hard for the necessary details that will make the game much more valuable at its own right. Recently, new feats were seen online, and it gave out more than what fans have expected.

According to Inquisitr, Pokemon Z is focused entirely on Zygarde, the legendary Pokemon seen in the Pokemon X and Y movie, alongside the other legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Ylveltal. Though simple in the beginning, the said Pokemon is presumed to perhaps be entirely stronger than both creatures.

Delivered by Vine Report, the base form of Zygarde is but a plain blob, known as the Zygarde Core, which acts a brain for the forms after it. It will thereafter, evolve into a cell known as the Zygarde cell, and will morph into a flat green blob, already able to communicate. But the evolution process is only at a mere beginning.

The 10% evolution will then transform Zygarde into a dog-like creature, able to run at speeds of 60mph. After which, the 50% form appears to be a snake-like creature that can detect what threats will surround it, leading to the final transforamtion of the Mega-Evolution, definitively the form which will go beyond Xerneas and Ylveltal.

As reported by Movie News Guide, there have been circulating speculations that state Zygarde's forms being connected to Norse mythology-specifically addressing to The Great God of Mischief, Loki. Though this may only be mere rumors or presumptions, people have analyzed the said data and would perhaps make a slight bit of sense. Zygarde's physical changes also strikes intrigue with interest among many players, as it is questionable how it will surpass the strength of two other legendary Pokemon predecessors.

There aren't any apparent news as to when the Pokemon Z game will come out yet, so as of the moment, fans can clench tightly for more detailed announcements.  

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