No Drones on Papal Visit or Be Charged: FAA

By MoneyTimes

Sep 17, 2015 02:46 AM EDT

The FAA and other security agencies are appealing to people, local or visitors not to bring drones during the papal visits for security measures.  There has been a plot to the holy man's life by a minor brainwashed by the terrorist group ISIL prompting officials and securities restrictions on all actions regarding the safety of Pope Francis.

For those who are regularly flying their drones, they need to rest their flying buddies even for just one day to give way for the first time visit of Pope to America.

There will a ban of drones and other unmanned aircrafts by the U.S. regulators in accordance to the papal visit of Pope Francis visit to Philadelphia by the Federal Aviation Administration.  The statement was issued Tuesday informing visitors and residents not to bring drones anywhere in the restricted states of Washington, DC., New York, and most of all Philadelphia during the visit, as reported by CBS 6 News.

"Anyone flying a drone within the designated restricted areas may be subject to civil and criminal charges," said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

The papal visit poses huge security challenges for US authorities responsible for the protection and safety of a religious leader, well-known for his touch and love of crowds, especially children.  It is expected that about 2 million people in Philadelphia will attend an open air Sunday mass outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, after the event billed by the Vatican as a World Meeting of Families. 

The US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are very much cautious since the arrest of a 15-year old US teen on August 14.  They said that the minor was inspired by ISIL, a terrorist group and seeking to perform elaborated homeland attack including multiple attackers, firearms, and numerous explosives to target a foreign dignitary during a high-profile event, 9 News reported.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, police Commissioner Bill Bratton along with the representatives from 50 agencies met Monday to discuss security measures for the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to the state.  They held a table-top, multiagency training exercise to talk about the details of the pope's safety and security during his visit starting September 24 to September 26.

During the security exercise held on Monday, the agency representative's group answered to a series of mock worst-case scenarios prepared by the Department of Homeland Security such as a gunman in the hospital, another shooter at a train station, and a power outage followed by a bomb explosion in Times Square.

"We prepared for a series of eventualities, and it was extraordinary to watch the effortless, the seamless teamwork between a variety of security agencies at all levels of government and all the other authorities involved," de Blasio said.

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