Will Lenovo, HP and Dell consolidate in the PC market in the coming years?

By MoneyTimes

Sep 10, 2015 09:21 AM EDT

Three PC makers, Lenovo, HP and Dell will consolidate in the PC market, says Michael Dell on a press briefing in Bengaluru, India.

Michael Dell, Dell Inc. CEO, told Reuters he predicts there would be consolidation among three PC makers in the market. These are Dell, HP and Lenovo. These three PC manufacturing companies will take over 80% of the market in a few years.

Currently, the Chinese multinational company Lenovo Group leads with a 20.3 % market share. Next on the track is Hewlett-Packard with 18.5%. And Dell Inc. ranks third with a 14.5 % market share. The research was based from International Data Corporation.

Other than personal computers, Dell survives by selling software and security systems for enterprise units. "We have been able to grow even though the (PC) market is shrinking and of course our business goes well beyond the device into data center, software, services and security," Dell said.

Cited on Live Mint, the company had filed an added 28% patents and trademarks in the U.S. for its cloud, storage and network equipment than in the previous years.

Along with that, he told the company's notebook sales had surpassed its competitors. In fact, its share consecutively increased by 10 quarters.

Michael cited his observations in a news from the Business Standard. He analyzed that the three companies are consecutively gaining share. Though as of now, they surfaced only 53 to 54% of the overall market share, he believes it will climb up to 80% in the next five to seven years.                       

Dell Inc. became a private company three years ago. He and Silver Lake, his equity partner, bought it for $24.9B. Privatizing the company has a lot of advantages. He said he became more focus on his long-term plans, unlike before when he is compelled to come up with short-term orientation.

Despite of the smartphone and tablet surge, Dell continues to increase profits. It is a challenge for the top three global PC manufacturers to stay in the rank and adapt to emerging technologies in the coming years.

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