Facebook's WhatsApp reached 900 million monthly active users; aims for 1 billion

By MoneyTimes

Sep 07, 2015 10:08 PM EDT

Jan Koum, Whatsapp founder announced it on Facebook that the messaging app had reached 900 million users. Behind its first achievement, Facebook is aiming for 1 billion monthly users worldwide.

"WhatsApp now has 900 million monthly active users." Jan Koum, WhatsApp founder, posted it on the most popular social media, September 4.

Facebook now controls two of the world's leading mobile messaging app; WhatsApp with 900 million users and Facebook Messenger with 700 million active users per month, reported USA Today.

WhatsApp exceeds Twitter and Instagram with both, having 300 million active users.

It also occupied the second spot in the U.S. as the most popular app beating YouTube. Though it would be hard for them to break through the Asian market as rival apps are gaining profit inserting games, product purchase and in-app wares.

With most of its users coming from Brazil and India, WhatsApp achieved 800 million users in April.

On that note, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, doesn't have plans yet to bring in added revenues from WhatsApp.  He said there are many ways to acquire profit from it when the number of users gets to 1 billion.

For him, it's too early to plan because the message app had just got its first triumph. "This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it's just the beginning of connecting the whole world," Zuckerberg added.

According to a news from Android Central, It was acquired by Facebook for $19B last year. Right now, it charges a $1 annual fee from users in Europe and North America. However, it comes free for those in developing countries like India.

David Wehner, Facebook CFO, tipped off that the app might add paid features, like business entities to send messages to their consumers through WhatsApp, stated on Mashable.

Near to its target of 1 billion users each month, other services are expected to be integrated at the app since some major brands are already advertising product deals and discounts on WhatsApp India.

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