Night navigation with Google Maps now made easier, safer

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Aug 11, 2015 09:43 AM EDT

Night Mode, the new feature from Google Maps, gives more comfort to drivers during the night as it enables the users to easily navigate in the dark. Night Mode option has been in demand by users of Google Maps for a long time. Google Maps has added the Night Mode option to iOS users.

The new 'Night Mode' update in Google Maps would ease the risk associated with navigation while driving in the dark. The Night Mode goes live and is available on Google Maps' iOS version 4.9 and can be downloaded from App Store. The Night Mode is already available in Android version. 
In the mapping segment, Google had for a long time enjoyed a monopoly, but Apple is slowly catching up. Although Google Maps is considered to be ahead of Apple Maps in usage in mapping and public transportation, Apple Maps had been offering night mode feature much earlier than Google.

Apple has also added new features such as transit directions and nearby attractions, which flags business organizations, landmarks, selected places that users regularly visit. 

Google Maps Night Mode is activated automatically during the night time, thus there is no need to change the phone settings. Another significant feature of Night Mode is that it gets activated during night only as it's been tuned to phone's time settings and this can't be altered or changed. For this reason, if one wants to try it in a dark room, the night mode option can't get activated.

Google Maps Night Mode iOS offers a greater advantage than the in-dash navigation as the new app gives more comfort to the drivers. Google Maps app is much safer and comfortable when compared with in-dash navigation system. As smartphones are becoming a part of daily life reaching all sections of people, Google Maps iOS powered by Night Mode is expected to reach millions of drivers across the globe. 

The new update will also enable users of iPhone to edit captions on the uploaded pictures in the Google Maps. Those who want to get the update, it's available at iTunes stores and it can be downloaded from App Store from your smartphones. 

The Night Mode in the Google Maps has been optimized with iPhone versions from five onwards. The new update of Night Mode in the new Google Maps needs iOS 7 or latest version. Google Maps latest version is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Another interesting feature in the new update of Google Maps is labeling the private places as well. Earlier, only public places could be labeled. The labeled private places would also appear in the search results next time whenever we look for.

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