Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart swap interview questions during press tour; 'American Ultra' stars do sexist interview

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Aug 11, 2015 05:17 AM EDT

For a change, "American Ultra" stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart made a parody of the usual interview questions asked on celebrities by celebrity reporters. This time though, the actors swapped questions and interviewed each other, making it appear as sexist questions.


Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) was asked by Kristen Stewart (Twilight) about things that were actually should be asked for her. iSchool Guide reports, Eisenberg was asked if he was pregnant, was dating anybody at the moment, if he has a favorite boob or had any plastic surgery done, about his nails, his favourite designer, and  other awkward questions that were intended for a female for the show "Funny or Die".

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, was asked by his "American Ultra" co-star about his favourite sports team, if she had to work out for the movie or felt anything while filming a love scene with Eisenberg, and other questions that were obviously for a man. Aside from sarcastically showing how trivial questions are asked on celebrities, the skit also aimed to show how actors and actresses are most of the time asked about things that are not really related to their movies, as pointed out by Eisenberg.

Eisenberg looks more annoyed having to answer the questions thrown at him which Stewart says are what reporters usually ask her. Stewart on the other hand coolly answered the questions pointed to her. The whole thing was only scripted though. Eisenberg in the end says he now understands how it feels to be a woman.


The said gimmick is part of Eisenberg and Stewart's press tour for their new film "American Ultra", reports Vogue. 

Indiewire reports that based on experience, actresses usually feel the burden of having to be asked with those kinds of questions while their personal lives are invaded. Both Eisenberg and Stewart are aware of this problem.

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart's "American Ultra" will premiere this coming August 21 and their roles will definitely not been swapped this time.

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