Final Fantasy XV Updates: Square Enix to possible unveil gameplay footage, release date details at GamesCom 2015 in early August

By Staff Writer

Jul 25, 2015 10:19 AM EDT

Square Enix drops more bombs on Final Fantasy XV as of late. With no other game to seemingly parallel the hype, experience and enjoyment that the Final Fantasy series creates, the developers of the game looks to clarify more on the matter, and with more news that will enlighten FF patrons everywhere.

As more reports of the game and its possible release dates spread around, there are also a few doubts as to whether the game will be out sooner or later than the mentioned dates. With news seen on Attack of the Fanboy, Final Fantasy XV will most likely take until the end of the year before the said release, or longer, 2016.

News also about Final Fantasy XV being exhibited in Gamescom 2015 have been rampant online. Breathecast was able to gather the said information where along with other developers and publishers, fans will be able to get a first-hand feel of Final Fantasy XV before the undetermined release date. For some who may not be aware, Gamescom is happening early next month.

Hajime Tabata, game director of Final Fantasy XV, declared last January that one of the objectives was to have a synchronized continuous launching of the game worldwide.  Without any given dates as of the moment, the rumor might be leaning towards staying as speculation rather than being total fact. More news, however, may come to the rescue a little sooner, or perhaps after Gamescom, especially about the release date.

On a different note, there is also a very interesting pointer about the FF series as Amazon and EBGames have made the remake of Final Fantasy VII available for pre-order and will initially be released in 2016. An astonishing year-and-a-half of pre-order time surely is more than a surprise to most fans. iDigital Times has provided a more thorough understanding of this oddity.

As of now, Final Fantasy XV release date remains unconfirmed and fans still have all their fingers crossed. Final Fantasy VII, on the other hand, is slated to release next year.

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