Google+ Photos shuts down this August, but Google Photos live on

By MoneyTimes

Jul 21, 2015 06:16 AM EDT

Google's photo sharing solution Google+Photos is shutting down on August 1.

It is often confused with Google Photos, which is a totally different app. Notice it lacks the "+." This app is Google's unlimited free photo host, which the giant tech company launched in May.

It would be best to get this straight. Google+Photos in Google+ will shut down, but Google Photos will live on.

They are two completely different apps. The Android version of Google+Photos will go first, the web and iOS versions will go shortly after. Google will provide a tool that will help users transfer theirGoogle+Photos to Google Photos. This tool will be seen on the Google+ account photos page.

For those who were not able to transfer their photos by before August 1, their photos are still available in Google Takeout. Google encourages its users to download Google Photos now for uninterrupted access to all the photos, videos, and albums in their accounts.

The new stand alone Google Photos was announced during the I/O 2015 developers conference held on May 28.

This is a wonderful photos app that will give users unlimited storage for photos and videos. One downside, however, is the resolution is only limited to a small 16 megapixels. The video resolution is limited to 1080p, which is just enough for amateur photographers and videographers.

Google shut down Google+Photos, because the company believes it is redundant, especially with the development of Google Photos. It could also get people confused. There are also features like pushing pictures to Chromecast or supporting PhotoSphere hosting that haven't made it to thee Google Photos app yet.

Google Photos has a host of new features that will make photo sharing exciting and easier.

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