GoPro on Android makes it convenient to extract the photos and videos captured

By MoneyTimes

Jul 17, 2015 12:16 AM EDT

GoPro is a brand that allows people to take photos and videos of their adventures in HD quality. The GoPro app was first launched to control GoPro cameras; however, it didn't offer ways to manage the photos and the footage. Last Tuesday, its version 2.0 made the app available for Android and iOS. This universal update makes it easier for people to extract files from the gadget, manage, and share the captured photos and videos. The GoPro app lets the user control the camera functions remotely. This app is compatible with HERO3 and HD HERO2 cameras.

GoPro can connect to your Android phone through WiFi. Once a connection is establish, there will be a viewfinder, which will make it easier for you to extract photos and videos from your GoPro. You can view the files in a gallery within your app. You don't have to export files from your GoPro Studio to your PC to share your photos and videos. You can simply download them to your phone and use the local gallery app to share the files online.

GoPro is very popular for people who love adventures. Even Google is hopping in to the bandwagon with its new Jump. Google's latest VR creation platform includes a camera rig that can hold 16 GoPro cameras. This allows you to record immersive 3D video.

GoPro on Android easily brings shooting photos and videos to a whole new level. Your adventures can easily be recorded and uploaded online thanks to this new technology.

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