ClipMine raises $2.6 million in funding to kickoff world’s first video annotation and crowdsourced indexing service

By MoneyTimes

Jul 10, 2015 09:00 AM EDT

ClipMine announced to have amassed a whopping $2.6 million in funding to roll out world's first crowdsourced online video indexing and annotation service.

With this game changing move, the company attempts to disrupt the entire online video browsing and viewing experience.

ClipMine from the beginning was diligently involved in improving the overall video consuming experience and is now the first to launch online video annotation and crowdsourced indexing service.  

ClipMine claims to bid adieu to those annoying and painful moments of watching the entire video when the actual intention of the user is to view just a section or two in it. ClipMine renders the users with searchable videos that would include table of contents and quality online video annotations to make things swift and easy.

Users would be provided with deep indexing, as ClipMine tags all the annotations inside videos. For users, be it video consumer or creator, index or table of content comes in very handy to search and view required content, assists to embed, share, etc.

ClipMine aims to pool up a big smart online archive of all the videos from the world, where users can navigate through the content and view or share the exact portion of the video that they intend to. According to Zia Syed, Founder and CEO for ClipMine, the company is radically involved in revolutionizing the entire video viewing and consuming experience in a bid to assist publishers as well as creators to gain more from their video content.

ClipMine has kept it pretty easy and user-friendly. Users simply need to upload the desired videos from any of the preferred websites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion or YouTube and request the editorial crew at ClipMine to index the videos or can choose to annotate the videos on their own.  

For publishers, bloggers and video creators, ClipMine suggests to embed its Content Aware Video PlayerTM, as it not only facilitates the viewers in personalizing the video watching experience, but also helps the video creators to garner a good picture of how the users engage with their content.

Though anyone can include annotations in video, the embedders hold total control over public visibility of the annotations on their sites. However, ClipMine assures for quality of all the publicly visible video annotations.

This certainly seems to be one of the coolest innovations in the online video domain serving everyone involved in the video content ecosystem right from viewers to video creators and publishers.

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