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'Power Rangers' Reboot Update: Plot connects upcoming movie to Original Series; Live-Action Film to premiere this January 2017

July 9
7:58 AM 2015

The plot details of the long-awaited "Power Rangers" reboot have been revealed recently. While the upcoming film may be introducing a new set of Power Rangers, the reboot will still feature a few connections from its original series.  The big screen adaptation of the popular live-action children's television series is slated to premiere on January 2017.

Heroic Hollywood claims to have coxed information about the forthcoming reboot. The new "Power Rangers" film will be reportedly set on Earth during the cretaceous period, where the wise galactic sage, Zordon, and his group of Power Rangers fight off the original series' big bad, Rita Repulsa. According to site, Zordon detonates a black hole to defeat the humanoid sorceress who is bent on intergalactic domination.

As per Blastr's report, Rita is sucked in and is assumed to be dead by the rangers and their mentor. The things relatively well for the next 65 million years, until Zordon finds out that the sorceress is still alive, and that the black hole which he opened, has torn the fabric of space and time. The modern-day Power Rangers will then be introduced, which includes Zack, Jason, Billy, Kimberly and Trini (described as a loner who does yoga in the desert). Similar to the original series, the rangers live in the fictional town of Angel Grove.

The kids, according to Screen Crush, then head out to a decommissioned military base in the desert, where they discover a dinosaur fossil and the Power Ranger power coin, which is in the possession of the rangers as featured in the opening scene. Meanwhile, after an extraordinary meteor shower, Rita ends up in Russia and starts her quest of stealing gold. With the sorceress' return, Zordon recruits the new team of heroes to take on the impending threat.

These details are reportedly from the screenplay which was written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz ("X-Men: First Class"). The "Power Rangers" reboot is helmed by "Project Almanac's" Dean Israelite and is scheduled for a January 13, 2017 release. 

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