Bandai Working On Fixing Super Smash Brothers 4 Bugs, New Characters To Be Released As Fanservice, Gamers Can Suggest Characters

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Jun 30, 2015 03:57 AM EDT

Super Smash Brothers 4 is great as it is now thanks to the new DLC releases by Nintendo.  Ryu from Street Figher, Roy the Sword FIghter from Fire Emblem, and Lucas the Psychic from the Earthbound Series were all introduced during the 1.0.8 update which now gave Super Smash Brothers 4 a refreshed roster.

However, the three characters were not the only ones added by the 1.0.8 update because the update also paved the way for new glitches and exploits. Super Smash Brothers director Masahiro Sakurai is currently doing what he can together with his team regarding these glitches but he also plans to add more new characters to suit the players' tastes.

With the release of Roy, Ryu, and Lucas as downloadable content thanks to the 1.0.8 update, came some new bugs that made the game unfair to some players. One of the exploits that were found in the game belonged to the character Ryu. Kotaku reports that Ryu can perform an infinite combo on big characters like Charizard by using his focus attack.

The second well known glitch involves Pac-Man and it allowed him to instantly defeat anyone even Giga-Bowser. iDigitalTimes featured a video on YouTube that showed how the glitch makes the enemies of Pac-Man fall to their death. This glitch is useless against characters with a flying ability like Kirby and Jigglypuff.

Bandai Namco is currently working on these glitches so that by the next patch, these exploits will be eliminated from the game. According to Gamerant, Masahiro Sakurai and his team plan to add more characters as a "fanservice" using a ballot where players can request a specific character. This may also imply that more characters from Non-Nintendo franchises will be added. However, Sakurai notes that the development team can't simply keep producing new characters forever, and at some point one has to imagine that the Nintendo 3DS would reach its system capacity limits

Super Smash Brothers 4 is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Games for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.It can be purchased in retail stores or online.

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