Diablo 3: Patch 2.3.0 Notes, Available In Public Test Realm, Features New Zone, New Rewards, Torment X And More

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Jun 26, 2015 10:08 PM EDT

Blizzard will make the patch 2.3.0 for Diablo 3 available to the Public Test Realm (PTR), and the new features including a new zone, a new artifact, updates on old features and changes in combat.

According to Blizzard's Preview there are a lot of features included in the Patch 2.3.0 of Diablo 3, which includes a new zone called The Ruins of Sescheron, a frozen wasteland with new enemies and perilous environmental hazards. Adventurers will also come across new mysteries yet to be unearthed from the legends of the mighty Barbarians. The ultimate goal is to find the ultimate treasure-Kanai's Cube from the lost Tomb of King Kanai.

The Kanai's Cube is the origin of the Horadric Cube in Diablo II. Kanai's Cube is said to be a powerful ancient artifact that has the ability to break down Legendary items and equip their special effects as passive skills. The cube is a must-have for crafters in Diablo 3 since it could also convert crafting materials from one type to another and other more useful tricks.

Crafting also gets an update as results of mixing materials will now dynamically adjust character levels up to make sure that the crafting materials will never go to waste, states PC Gamer.

Another update included in Patch 2.3.0 is improving the pace of Adventure Mode at the same time encouraging players to explore the Bounties. Rewards for Bounties are improved with Act-specific crafting materials. In addition, Bonus Acts in the games in Adventure Mode will get a bonus Horadric Cache.

Furthermore, there is a new feature in Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0, the Season Journey. Season Journey varies among players' progress beginning at Season 4 and succeeding seasons, which shows the major miles completed.

Players will face new difficulty levels, reports Blizzard Watch, where Torment VI is the hardest, with four new Torment levels such as Torment X, with appropriate reward rates. More details on Torment levels and rewards will be revealed in the PTR.

Patch 2.3.0 also features a new Legendary of Set effects such as revamping special effects on existing items. Items that have no effects at present may gain effects, which would give players more build options to explore.

There are slight changes in combat such as monsters can now tolerate less crowd control and the time spent and effort in killing monsters will determine the experience to be provided. The time spent in exploring Nephalem or Greater Rifts is being balanced with the time spent facing the Rift Guardian. 

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