Doctor Strange Cast Update, Spoilers: Benedict Cumberbatch’s british accent retained for the film; Chiwetel Ejiofor casted as the main villain Baron Mordo?

By Staff Reporter

May 06, 2015 12:47 PM EDT

Director Scott Derrickson's 2016 Doctor Strange is a passion project for Marvel boss Kevin Feige and will take the MCU deeper into the realm of the magical.

After a long and protracted search, oft-rumored Benedict Cumberbatch was finally tapped to portray Dr. Stephen Strange, the brilliant neurosurgeon whose loss of his skills after a terrible accident sets him on the path to master the mystical arts and become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange enters production this November. Feige was asked whether or not the MCU would retain Benedict Cumberbatch's British accent, to which Feige replied:

"It's a good question. We have not discussed the accent with him yet, but he's Benedict Cumberbatch, so I think he can do anything we ask him."

While the film is reputed to nearly take after the comic book character's root story, plot specifics have been kept under wraps so far.

 As Marvel centers its consideration on the forthcoming arrivals of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, the Doctor Strange bits of gossip predominantly include throwing, with Chiwetel Ejiofor looked at for a part (maybe the fundamental lowlife) and Daniel Bruhl's Captain America: Civil War character conceivably returning in a greater part in Doctor Strange.

The news ought to run over well with Marvel film fans given Ejiofor's reliable appearances on dream throwing records, most outstandingly as a fan most loved to show up as Black Panther - a character who Chadwick Boseman has been formally reported to play. Chiwetel Ejiofor has demonstrated himself on screen as detestable characters in Joss Whedon's Serenity, Four Brothers, and Children of Men however performs pretty much also, if worse, as an amiable and enchanting lead.

The most evident suppositions for what parts from Marvel Comics Ejiofor could be in talks for, incorporate the Ancient One or his disciple, Baron Mordo - the last of whom turns despicable. The Ancient One, commonly delineated as old and fragile in the books, is the character who taught Doctor Strange into getting his power and turning into the hero (and inevitable Avenger) he's usually known as.

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