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‘Prometheus 2’ Spoilers: Plot reveals a horrifying agenda which will shock Shaw and David as film production starts

April 30
7:42 AM 2015

"Prometheus 2" is set to hit the theaters on March 4, 2016. Ridley Scott is set to start production of the highly anticipated film sequel since the script is already complete. Plot will include shocking revelation that will horrify Shaw and David.

According to a recent report, "Prometheus 2" will return the xenomorphs after reports said that they won't be going back in the sequel. Ridley Scott reportedly said that these creatures will be redesigned and would show a "fresher form."

A working title of "Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth" was reported and it implies that the setting is going to be on Earth. The director himself verified that the sequel will be on "earth and not on the Engineer's home-world."

Nimrod Antal also said that Ridley Scott mentioned that the story would revolve around Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and the headless droid, David (Michael Fassbender). It was previously reported that Elizabeth will die in the film and a female lead character will replace her. However, it was said that Shaw will be alive and make it to the third installment. Further, Antal said that the plot has three aspects, with Shaw and David's journey happening in the third part.

The upcoming Prometheus Sequel has put up a website to keep the fans updated, and in one of the forum discussions, the plot of the sequel, along with other info, was tipped by "someone who has an idea" of the film. Some of it are:

1.       The movie is going to have 3 plot elements, with Shaw and David's mission to find the Engineers is part of it.

2.      The Engineers are not God or creators, but a servant race intended for a purpose, the way David is to humans.

3.      Shaw and David are not going to find the answers they want. Instead, they will find a "horrifying agenda", and the revelations that the two will find out will even separate the original answers that Shaw "thought they would find when they got to LV 233 in the first movie."

Further, the forum revealed that Ridley reportedly confirmed that David is going to be "very manipulative after getting his head back on." 20th Century Fox has yet to release an Official Statement.

"Prometheus 2" is expected to hit the silver screen on March 2016. Ridley Scott has set the stage for its production as the script is already complete.

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