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Persona 5 PS4 is Top 2 Next to Final Fantasy 15 in Latest Famitsu Most Wanted Chart; Massive Gameplay Details Unveiled by Atlus

Persona 5 (Credit: Atlus) Persona 5 for PS4 grabs the no. 2 spot next to Final Fantasy 15 in latest rankings of most wanted video game released by Famitsu.
April 29
2:02 PM 2015

The highly anticipated Persona 5 PS4 grabs the number 2 spot next to Final Fantasy 15 in the latest rankings of most wanted video game released by the prestigious Japanese gaming publication Famitsu.

According to Gaming Bolt, the anticipated video game poll that is run Famitsu has indicated several changes in the overall rankings from  last week's rankings.

The previous time the votes were tallied, Final Fantasy 15 on PS4, Bravely Second on 3DS and Persona 5 for PS3 took first, second and third place, respectively. While these three titles remain to be on the top three spots, the apparent movement is that Persona 5 has climbed up to second place.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is ranked 5th despite the fact of getting more votes this time around from past week's 451 votes to 470. The much awaited Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain also moved up a notch from top 7 to 6. Below is the complete list games that made it to the Top 30 Most Wanted Video Game Chart.

1. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV - 1,118 votes
2. [PS4] Persona 5 - 694 votes
3. [3DS] Bravely Second - 596 votes
4. [PS3] Persona 5 - 530 votes
5. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III - 470 votes
6. [PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 463 votes
7. [PSV] Tokyo Xanadu - 398 votes
8. [3DS] Fire Emblem If - 392 votes
9. [WIU] Xenoblade Chronicles X - 357 votes
10. [3DS] PoPoLoCrois Farm Story - 312 votes
11. [PS4] Persona 4: Dancing All Night - 303 votes
12. [PSV] Kan Colle Kai - 284 votes
13. [PS3] The Last Remnant - 274 votes
14. [PS4] Street Fighter V - 254 votes
15. [WIU] The Legend of Zelda - 235 votes
16. [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition - 213 votes
17. [PSV] SaGa 2015 - 196 votes
18. [3DS] Stella Glow - 189 votes
19. [WIU] Splatoon - 174 votes
20. [PSP] Ushiro - 143 votes
21. [PS3] Ni-Oh - 127 votes
22. [3DS] The Great Ace Attorney - 125 votes
23. [PS3] Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi - 124 votes
24. [3DS] Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei - 111 votes
25. [3DS] Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX - 110 votes
26. [PS3] The Last Guardian - 102 votes
27. [PS4] Tropico 5 - 98 votes
28. [3DS] Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden - 87 votes
29. [PS3] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 84 votes
30. [PS4] Dying Light - 80 votes

Meanwhile, March issue of Weekly Famitsu has shared massive Persona 5 gameplay details as reported by Dengeki PlayStation.

Here's a full round-up of what the gaming fans can expect from the upcoming fifth instalment of the series :  

  • Protagonist - The article kicks off with the headline, "Steal back the future!" The protagonist gains his Persona after a certain incident unfolds and confronts a great darkness enveloping the city.
  • Story - The protagonist and friends attend Shujin Academy, a private high school. (The name is a play on the Japanese word for prisoner, shuujin.)
  • Setting - Gameplay predominantly takes place in Shibuya. As those who read Japanese may have already spotted in the trailer, the name is rendered in kanji on the sign during the subway station scene, making it plausible the game takes place in Tokyo proper. The atmosphere of the game will feature elements to give it the feeling of big city life, like packed train platforms full of commuters.
  • Awakening - The magazine "theorizes" that the scene with blue flames enveloping the protagonist in last week's trailer is him awakening to his Persona and another side of himself that's greatly different from his public demeanor. Blue flames are believed to turn into masks.
  • Lesson (Classes) - Student life alive and well, and calendar and weather systems also return.
  • Prisoner - The prison motif seen in the trailer is believed to be in relation to Picaresque Romance motif Hashino discussed earlier.
  • Hideout - Judging by appearance, it is likely that it's the cafe the protagonist lives in.Student by Day, Thief by Night - Nights are for dungeon crawling as cast puts on their masks, seemingly in search of a specific something to steal.
  • Sneak - As in Persona 3 and Persona 4, battles use a symbol encounter system, meaning you can see enemies on screen and engage in battle by colliding into them. Players can avoid enemy contact by sneaking around in order to proceed, though.All-Out
  • Attack - The gang-up footage in trailer is confirmed to be return of the All-Out Attack system. It likely still relies on exploiting enemy weaknesses to trigger.
  • Mask - Characters wear their masks during dungeon crawling, and they're likely a key item story-wise during those segments, too.
  • Cooperation - The magazine speculates that the Cooperation menu option is the system replacing Social Links involving getting closer to allies.
  • Arsene - The protagonist's Persona. It has black wings and red getup.
  • Sound - Shoji Meguro's soundtrack is set to be acid jazz this time around.

Persona 5 is expected to launch this year and hit PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15, on the other hand, do not have a solid release date yet but some say these Square Enix premium projects are more likely coming out next year.

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