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Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Release Date: Game dev pushes October release, pre-orders available; Gameplay features illuminati?

April 1
7:46 AM 2015

Finally confirmed for release, Halo 5: Guardians will hit screens as Xbox One exclusive this October 27 this year. Several features were added in the gameplay such as the confirmed "illuminati" as per recent tweet made days ago.

The controversial symbol of illuminati was exposed from their latest trailer released 4 days ago. This particular issue was made true based from the latest confirmation that, indeed, the said feature is added in the upcoming gameplay.

This Luciferian symbol was hidden in the new Spartan Locke trailer along with the Master Chief trailer as well. As stated from their video footage, "The truth is never what it seems." It somehow hinted to something spiritual. However, the game developer didn't make any discussion about this particular issue.

Yet, a lot of fans started to speculate that the entire gameplay might be relative the spiritual symbol of illuminati. Perhaps, the game developer may have other reasons behind why they decided to include such in the gameplay.

According to some in-depth discussion about the inclusion [of something spiritual in the gameplay such as the ever-controversial] illuminati, it might predict something about other subjects apart from devil or evil, rather darkness or a sort of satire hitting on the black government or the government per se in an unpredicted manner.

This strategy was already made in some famous movies such as Hunger Games which was more provocative about poverty and acceptance of the reality that exists in the present world.

Another view is revolving around a revolution. Illuminati is a symbol implanting revolution to children's capacity to stir revolt in their young minds.

Trying to compare these claims with the truths behind Halo 5: Guardians as a whole, it is more of an intrigue, mystery, as well as the major involvement of the kids [hinted, since the game is situated around childhood playmates, school teachers].

One more thing to observe is the symbol used in the game. A triangular symbol in one of the journalists noticed in the gameplay. Above all, the rhetorical question imposed in the game's official website, "What do you believe?" This type of inquiry from them seemed to provoke the religious or spiritual truths that any gamer could be possibly challenged.

There might be some angles to look deeper to determine possible reasons why 343 Industries, the game development team behind, came up with this certain idea.  Maybe some have their own sets of ideas about this subject, yet, as long as the game developer will not speak about this matter, this remains intriguing - directly linked to one of the game's vision "tantalizing, mystery, intriguing."

Meanwhile, pre-orders are available alongside the limited edition as well as the limited collector's edition. These editions delivers new digital content enhancing the Spartan combat and the some exclusive items for the fans wrapped in a very special and unique steel book design packaging. For the collector's edition, same thing as the former, however there is an additional commemorative statueto include in the package.

Slated to release in Xbox One platform this October 27, Halo 5: Guardians seeks truth in gameplay.

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