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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Villain Spotlight: Ultron to be a better villain than Loki?

March 5
10:12 AM 2015

It comes as no surprise as to why 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' is one of the most anticipated movies of this year - award-winning special effects, epic superhero team-ups, superb performances, and most of all, a 'badass' villain.

Speaking of villains, it has been three years since Marvel has introduced us to a villain that we would 100% enjoy watching. Sure, there were a couple of villains that had planetary or even universal-ending agendas, but none of them were as enigmatic or as exciting as the one that 'The Avengers' gave us back in 2012 - the trickster god Loki, who was portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

Prior to getting its first teaser released, 'Age of Ultron' was the subject of a lot of fan speculation especially in regards to how its villain is going to be portrayed. Now that we have seen just how terrifying and cool James Spader's Ultron can be, we can't help but pit the villains of the two epic movies against each other.

Power and Survivability

We haven't seen the full extent of Ultron's powers yet, so we'll compare the two villains in terms of raw power based on how the comic books portray them. Loki is a Frost Giant who is trained in Asgardian arts. He possesses a wide variety of powers which include projecting energy blasts, force fields and illusions. Ultron, on the other hand, is an android who possesses an adamantium armor, the ability to fire the infamous "encephalo-ray", which puts his victims in a comatose state. He can also transfer his consciousness to one of his other bodies, making him virtually immortal as long as he has a body to spare.

Loki may have access to godlike-abilities, but he isn't invincible. Even if he managed to destroy one of Ultron's adamantium bodies, the latter would simply transfer his programming to another body and continue the fight. So in terms of raw power and survivability, I'd give this one to Ultron.

Personality and Cultural Impact

This is where it gets messy. Everybody knows how Tom Hiddleston's Loki set a new standard on what comic movie villains should be - I mean, Hiddleston was just so 'awesome'. Even when it still in the trailer, the moment Loki uttered the lines, "You were made to be ruled," we knew then and there that this was going to be an epic villain.

Having said all of that, we can't deny the fact that Ultron is going to be another out-of-this-world challenge for the Avengers. From the first promotional images down to James Spader's creepy and terrifying voice-over in the Age of Ultron trailers, we can already forsee that this android is going to be the greatest enemy that our favorite superhero team will ever face.

During an interview with Chris Evans by Cinema Blend recently, the Captain America actor stated:

"There's an ideology behind Ultron that makes him more unique than just a bad guy. He doesn't wanna just kill the Avengers. He doesn't wanna just destroy the world. He has these monologues and these beautiful speeches that kind of embody certain mentality about what's wrong with humanity. It represents something deeper than just, 'I'm evil and I don't like the good guys."

So what do you think? Is Ultron going to be a better villain than Loki? Come May 1, we'll all be excited to see.

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