UFO Videos and Sightings: Are they Genuine or Fake?

By Staff Writer

Feb 19, 2015 09:33 AM EST

Flying Saucers, Strange Shadows in the Sky, or even Strange Marks Left On Fields are stereotypical marks of extra terrestrials. Over the years, there has been countless of alleged UFO sightings especially in the internet. UFO or unidentified flying objects have been a subject of controversy and conspiracy. Nobody actually knows how real they are since almost all traces vanishes throughout the course of history. Though many would find them true others are still shrouded with doubt. So how will you know if you really saw the real thing? Here are some rational incidences.

1.       An unidentified flying object was captured on camera by a farmer couple in Oregon in May 1950. The farmer's wife named Evelyn Trent was the first one to see the object before it sped off out their view. The wife described the object as a silvery, metallic disk.

2.       The US Air Force has been many times mentioned in UFO sightings since most of the sightings happened near their base. The most popular and mysterious of them all was the Edward's Air Force Base Sighting where a test pilot and astronaut managed to film a classic saucer. It was your typical silver and smooth saucer which was about 30 feet in diameter. It had three legs as a landing gear. However, as he was about to submit the picture, the film vanished.

3.       The Piney Woods Sighting was an unforgettable experience to a group of friends who saw a water-tower sized, glowing, diamond shaped object which blocked their way. This experience has brought them trauma emotionally, mentally, and physically due to chemical poisoning in the area. The group claimed that they saw helicopters escorting the vessel away from them.

Who knows what these incidences tell us. They could be a government conspiracy hiding some secret warfare perhaps. Nobody actually knows and one can only guess. 

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