NBA Trade Rumors: To trade Rajon Rondo or pair him with another star like Marc Gasol? Boston Celtics weigh in

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Oct 11, 2014 09:04 AM EDT

With his exceptional feel of the game, high basketball I.Q, and gifted passing ability, Rajon Rondo has become one of the most fun and exciting point guards to watch in the NBA. Rondo, though, is already entering his prime and has no place in a rebuilding team like the Boston Celtics.

When asked whether or not Rondo will finish this year with the Celtics, Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders responded:

I think Rajon Rondo will be traded. He wants to win now and the Celtics are clearly rebuilding, so I see them trading him for young players and draft picks rather than risk losing him for nothing offseason when he's a free agent.

Its also important to point out that the Celtics may have already set themselves to part ways with Rondo when they drafted Marcus Smart this summer. Smart is a strong, athletic guard and could just may be Boston's point guard of the future. Danny Ainge mentioned that he thinks both Rondo and Smart can play together but one of them needs to develop a consistent jumper if they want to become effective together in the court.

Rondo will also turn 29 next year and if Boston can't find a super star like Marc Gasol to complement him next year, Will Gordon of believes that he is better off spending the crucial years of his prime in a contender.

While trading Rondo is certainly an option for Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics, reports suggest, however, that the franchise may try to keep Rondo long term while making a big run for Marc Gasol next summer when he becomes a free agent according to Sports World Report:

Gasol could be a target for the Celtics in free agency, as they would like to keep Rondo and since they will have money to spend, Gasol could be an option. The Celtics are a young team and the franchise is rebuilding and keeping Rondo would be huge as they try and develop the roster under Brad Stevens. If Rondo makes it to the market he will be getting plenty of attention and he could get some very big offers as well.

The Boston Celtics have to carefully weigh in on Rajon Rondo and his future to the team especially after his string of injuries the past few seasons. Whether they will have to trade him for young assets or draft picks or pair him with another star like Marc Gasol will probably rest on how Rondo responds in the court after he recovers from his mysterious hand injury.

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