“Bones” Season 10 Spoilers: Hodgins-Angela to split? Showrunner dubs the two as the show's 'Emotional Rock' as David Boreanaz dishes out Booth's life in prison

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Aug 07, 2014 09:02 AM EDT

In the upcoming 10th season of Fox's "Bones," it seems like Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will not be the only couple struggling with problems, Enstarz reported. Citing multiple news outlets, the website said Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin), will also have their fair share of relationship difficulties. As Brennan and Booth deal with the latter's imprisonment, Angela will be seen in the show's latest season struggling as she balances her professional and personal life.

"Bones" showrunner, Stephen Nathan was interviewed recently by TVLine that while Hodgins and Angela's relationship is going strong so far in the series, instances would bring their partnership on the rocks. The executive producer referred to the couple as the "emotional rock" for the show's upcoming season.

"Life won't be easy for them. Angela's still pulled in two directions - working [at the Jeffersonian] and being with Hodgins. I think there's a sense for all the characters that their lives might have other demands for them. People are going to be changing and wanting different things - as would be the case with any group of people you've known for 10 years," Nathan said.

Meanwhile, Kpopstars quoted an interview of Boreanaz with Zap2It, who managed to dished out more spoilers about his character. According to him, Agent Booth would be facing more trouble as the series enters its new chapter.

"I think we will see a different side of him. ... I think he is definitely in a state of confusion with his present state of mind, where he fits in the Bureau, where he fits with Brennan," he said.

The actor also joked about the food in Booth's jail, saying that "is not too good."

Nathan earlier said about Booth's struggles in the show, "This is the first time he's been betrayed by an institution that he devoted his life to and risked his life for. ... It really shakes the foundation of the entire premise of the show -- whether he can trust the FBI, how he can get back to work. It's a big hurdle for him to overcome."

The new season's trailer was revealed during the Comic-Con in San Diego. The trailer showed Booth in prison, contemplating on his fate.

"Bones" Season 10 will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 25 on Fox.

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