California Energy Commission awards $3M grant to Pacific Ethanol for ethanol feedstock alternative

By Odinah N. Sagun

Aug 04, 2014 05:19 PM EDT

The California Energy Commission recently endowed a $3 million grant to Pacific Ethanol  to develop a product that would act as an alternative for sorghum. Sorghum is being used as a feedstock for ethanol.

The California Energy Commission's role is to provide forecasts on energy needs and keep historical energy data. The Commission and its staff of state has been aiming to address challenges and turn them into opportunities to provide Californians with a continuity of energy choices that are affordable, reliable, safe, and environmentally acceptable.

Pacific Ethanol, which has four ethanol production facilities that could produce an annual output of 200 million gallons each year, would be the perfect entity for the project. Known for its capability to produce low-carbon renewable fuels in the Western US, the company has confirmed in its press release that it would be working in tandem with other experts that include Chromatin Inc, Fresno's Center for Irrigation Technology and the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center to work on the low-carbon alternative, which also meets renewable fuel and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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