Top 10 Budget-Friendly Summer Destination 2014: Super Sunny Getaway’s Big Bang for the Buck

By Staff Reporter

Aug 02, 2014 08:59 PM EDT

Summer travelling has always been one of the top activities people love to do during the most exciting season of the year. And with the influx of tourists and backpackers, a lot of travel destinations have actually been developed to answer the needs of this adventuresome lot.

If you're in for a summer getaway, you have to consider a lot of factors before you jumpstart with your adventure. First, you have to consider the place and the feasibility of going there. You can't just pinpoint some random country in the world map without seeing the practicability of your planned trip.

Of course, in considering the practicability of your trip, money and the possible expenses should always be borne in mind. Your summer should not depend on the thickness of your wallet and on the number of zeros you write on your check. With this in mind, Budget Travel website has compiled the top summer destinations that are budget-friendly but are definitely worth booking for!

10. South Africa

Exploring the wild life is best done in a country richest in the world's natural resources! You would definitely enjoy touring safaris with friends and family in going around the best landscapes and zoos in world!

9. Venice

The City of Canals is also one of the most affordable places to go to, where you can do the famous gondola trip. Who says you can only do it with a romantic partner? Gear up with your friends and family in the famous gondolas of Venice because the more is definitely the merrier!

8. Dominican Republic

Summer is best spent in the beach, and no other place has the best beaches in the world but the Dominican Republic! Indulge in the luxury of beach hopping for the lowest prices in the most beautiful resorts, lagoons, and canals in the country!

7. Buenos Aires

If you're one who enjoys going to museums and historical places, then Buenos Aires is the place to be. Dubbed as the 'Paris of America', it offers a vast array of historical places to go to where you can feed your intellectual side with things from the past.

6. Orlando, Florida

Summer won't be complete without you going to theme parks, and Orlando is the best place to be when theme parks are involved. Disney, Universal and Seaworld, also known as the big three, are only some of Orlando's must-go-to theme parks. You will definitelt have a great time here especially if you're with friends and family!

5. Atlantic Canada

If you're looking for a more laid back vacation, Atlantic Canada is the best place to be. Small towns, beach fronts, friendly people, lots of seafood - this place is would offer you such a cozy vacation you would never wanna go back.

4. Philadelphia

Tag along your artsy friends in Philadelphia if you are looking for a trip jampacked with art and theatres! Philadelphia has been known to house the world's most well known institutions for the art. The best thing about Philly? The also have the most mouth watering restaurants with the best wines!

3. Warsaw, Poland

Another place that history junkies would want to be is Warsaw. The best of Europe's history you can learn in only one trip in Warsaw, wit some of its towns preserved from way back World War II. Lots of galleries and restaurants also offer not just authentic European cuisines but also bits and pieces of historical insights here and there.

2. Seoul, South Korea

Korea isn't just about those cute K-Pop boys and girls dancing to the latest Korean tunes. Korea has been one of the best places-to-be over the last years because of the beauty of the country's palaces and dynasty houses.

1. Riga, Latvia

Riga houses the cultural heart of Latvia with the wide array of museums and cultural houses you can find here. It is also known in the world to have the largest and finest collection of art nouveau buildings your eyes could savor while going around the city! 

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