How to Transfer Contacts, Messages from Android to Computer

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Jul 30, 2014 05:00 AM EDT

With exponentially increasing flow of information, mobile users need to transfer information between devices more often than ever before. For small files, certain plugin can easily solve the problem. However, the files are usually 1MB or smaller, which is too small to use for transferring files every time. In order to transfer data from mobile devices to PC computers, the author strongly recommends Coolmuster Android Assistant, a professional data transfer program which has been getting a lot of attention since its launch in the market.

One can easily download the program for free from the internet. After quick installation, users can click on the item "My Android" in the top right corner of the screen, and then select the target files that users wishes to transfer to their computer. A few other options and selections items are available on the screen with different functions; users can choose appropriate option to transfer files, especially to save time. If there are segments in the selected folder, the detailed data can be selected further. Lastly, the format type of the files needs to be confirmed before transferring. For example, users can open the text file and select the mobile contacts and text messages from their Android phone. The program supports various formats including MP3 for videos, JPG and NGP for photos and etc. It only takes a few seconds for users to find the files on their computers after "transferring" function is selected. For those who need to transfer messages from Android phone to computer for backup or printing, the program eaily offers the best solution to transfer messages from Android to PC.

Another way to transfer data from Android phone, after connecting mobile to computer via USB cable, users can copy the files and directly paste them to the computer, within the program interface. The transferring file can be obtained entirely as well. Users need to take caution not to drag files from the interface to the computer directly, as the
Coolmuster Android Assistant  is based on the third party to support computer's operations. Due to compatibility, users can use only one computer to install the program before transfering data from multiple mobile devised with different versions. Each mobile devices is registered and remembered by the program after the first connection.

One of the premises in doing so contains a few points which can find out from the "help" in the program menu. First, users should create a new file to classify the files before transferring data. The direct access is always desktop without the directory collectings. Secondly, the files can be transferred back after being edited on the computer. For example, the name of Android contacts may be combined with other related information such as computer name, special memo and other numbers. Users can take the opportunity to clean up the mobile contacts and messages and make classifications, such as listing them in groups. For large data, it will also help users save time and energy when searching for individual information by using search engine.

Some Android user need to export all contacts from Android phone to computer, Coolmuster Android Assistant tool can extract thousands of contacts from Android phone to computer in order to backup. For more information, transfer contacts from Android to PC without any loss.

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