Castle Season 7 Spoilers: Is Castle Really Dead? New Character Revealed! 3XK Returns and Has a New Enemy?

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Jul 15, 2014 02:22 AM EDT

Fans of Castle who have been waiting for the seventh season have a lot to look forward to. The show will return on ABC with a 2-part season premiere following the explosive last season finale. The lead of the show, Rick Castle, is speculated to be alive, and the story arc revolving around his disappearance will be made more interesting by new characters.

Season 6 ended up with Castle meeting a car accident and his body disappearing. The show, which is slated to return this fall on July 16th, will return with the investigation of Castle's accident, says Christian Today. With the rumors spreading that Rick Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, will be written off the show, many wondered if the main man is dead. This is put to rest however by Fillion's posts on Twitter including an answer to a fan's question "When was the last time you said 'I love you'?", to which the actor replied with, "Just now. I read aloud."

According to IBTimes, investigation of Castle's accident while on the groom's car will require the help of the Hamptons police, a doctor, a shrink, and even the Coast Guard. A new character has also been revealed: Henry, an intelligent guy who is "dexterous in blending with the crowd" is speculated by IBTimes to be the arch nemesis of 3XK, who could make a reappearance in any of the show's upcoming 23 episodes with a new face.  

Things will be resting on James Brolin's availability, and KpopStarz is wondering about episodes 11 and 17, which are circled in blue pen in the Twitter photo provided by Marlowe. The site reports that according to Unreality Primetime, those two episodes could be a marker for Brolin's appearances. Brolin plays Castle's Dad.

The finale left some fans feeling cheated with the wedding being spoiled and a major cliffhanger, but creator Andrew Marlowe and wife Terri Edda Miller, who co-wrote the finale, hopes for redemption in the long term. The show is expected to return "with a bang" as new showrunner David Amman will be writing and Rob Bowman will direct. Amman and Bowman have teamed up on other explosive episodes of Castle, and the favorite "In the Belly of the Beast" is credited to Amman's writing.

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