The 3 Biggest Possible Busts in the 2014 NBA Free Agency

By Staff Writer

Jun 12, 2014 01:15 PM EDT

Every year, the NBA features some high profile free agent signings that turn out to be the worst moves of the free agency season - see O.J. Mayo or Josh Smith as an example. Whether its because of some new found lack of interest and motivation, unforeseen attitude and health problems, or just a bad system fit, some of the more distinguished names will eventually end up disappointing their teams.

Here are 3 players that will possibly be the 2014 NBA free agency's biggest busts.

Rudy Gay

Gay is a capable scorer and is an All-Star caliber player. He averaged 20 points, six rebounds, and three assists last season playing as SF (Small Forward) for the Sacramento Kings. The problem with Gay though, is that he is a volume shooter and an isolation player at best. He averaged 16.2 attempts per game with the Kings and tends to disrupt ball movement because of his one-on-one plays.

Their is also this weird fact that teams tend to get better once Gay departs. Memphis appeared better when Gay was traded to Toronto. The Raptors, meanwhile, clinched the No. 3 seed in the East after shipping Gay to Sacramento. This can never be a good sign for any team thinking on giving Gay a multi-year contract.

Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza was instrumental in the Wizard's run to the seminals. A solid perimeter defender who can shoot the three and drive the ball for an occasional lay up, he can be an effective weapon for any contender. The problem with Ariza though, is that he seems to put up the best performance of his career when there's a new contract in the midst.

Their is no telling that he would just coast until its time for him to get paid again. Just look at his performance with the Houston Rockets when the team gave him a big $33.5 payday after seeing him help the Lakers win the championship in the 2008-2009 season.

Who wants to offer a multi-year contract to some one who apparently shows up only when theirs a fresh contract on the line?

Andrew Bynum

With his degenerative knees and childish attitude, Bynum is probably one of the most obvious busts of this coming free agency. From Philadelphia, to Cleveland, to Indiana, NBA teams, however, seem to always give the big man a shot - probably with the hope that the Bynum will get back to his dominant form during his LA days.

A team who gives him more than a one-year deal for the league minimum this summer would surely be making a big mistake.

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