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FireFox 29 chromonizes their UI with user friendly customized tools

April 29
3:14 PM 2014

Firefox 29 releases the Chrome-like new look with similar three bar menu and round tables, while keeping the separate search form.

The new release comes after a two year development process ironing out the bugs and finally stabilized enough for the public to give it a shot. But why the chrome look?

Techcrunch hits up Mozilla Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale for the scoop on the look “The point of the redesign is to adapt the design to how modern users engage with the web.”  

Okay, it isn't the chrome look. It is what the people want, it is the Australis redesign that has gone through a total of 1,300 interfaces and bug fixes since public debut one year ago.

After all that fixer upper, lets listen to the VP himself on the newest features.

As the first part of the intro gives a very brief overview of some of the features, the rest of the video caters to the audience.

"Mozilla is a mission driven organization dedicated to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web," Nightingale explains.

He continued to place the customer as number, especially their privacy. This makes Mozilla "the most trusted company on the internet."

Firefox only thinks of us, we can trust them because they look out for our security while acting as a platform for openness, innovation, and opportunity.

"We are really excited about the new release of Firefox and we built it for you. So give it a try and thanks for watching."

Yes, little attention was given to the new features and more about how they serve the Firefox community.

The new release does attempt to unsheathe the features for mainstream users where they were hidden before if delving 'skin deep,' Jonathan points out. More than ever, customization is as easy as changing your clothes as the article details, "dragging and dropping elements to wherever you want them."

The new release will also be available on Android as part of their strategy to grow deeper roots into the world of mobile. They hope the release, stated as likely controversial, will help put Mozilla on the tracks tooting towards their main mission again.

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