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JVC boasts sound-isolating earbud specialization on headphones for their newly released wood dome units

March 6
11:23 PM 2014

We are talking blue skies on a cloudless day for sound- it is whistleblowing clear.

The newly released JVC products "JVC Victor HA-FX850 Stereo Mini Headphones," "JVC Victor HA-FX750 Stereo Mini Headphones," and "JVC Victor HA-FX650 Stereo Mini Headphones" in late February from their wood dome unit brings excellent acoustics employing a unique 'wooden' sound technology on their headphones.

The tech for the headphones developed a 'wood defuser' in the front, while an "acoustic dual hybrid damper" to absorb the units broadband vibration that enable the series of products to reproduce a data-rich high-resolution sound source with high realistic sensation harmonically, sonically, and naturally. There are bluer skies already.

"HA-FX850" and "HA-FX750" feature the 'acoustic dual hybrid damper' to collaborate with a brass ring in the front side of the unit. This produces improved vibration suppression and enhanced resolution.

The wood ring absorber further filters unwanted vibrations transmitted to the brass ring in the rear of housing. This allows the two housing models to control optimally the sound of housing and to achieve cloudless clear blue sky sound. It makes for a much sunnier musical day.

All three models accompany a "spiral dot ear piece," which the inwall dimples diffuse the reflection in the ear piece. This causes the degradation of sound quality -- to achieve cloudless, clear sound. Moreover, they also accompany a softly fit and low rebound ear piece. Only "HA-FX850" employs MMCX terminal to support removable code.

It doesn't get any clearer than this if you are looking for whistleblowing blue skies: it hurts. Morphesus from the Matrix might reply - you never used your ears before. Yes, this is asking you to try the 'red pill' to open your ears to the sound you are missing.

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