American firm MC10 makes wearable tech for vital signs and head trauma monitoring

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Feb 10, 2014 09:16 AM EST

MC10's approach to wearable devices is different from other tech firms. The Massachusetts-based firm wants to use wearable tech to improve a person's health by monitoring vital signs and detect head trauma, according to Small Business Trends.

The company invented a skin-like tattoo called a bio-stamp to keep track of body vitals. This ultra-thin stamp is worn on the skin surface. The head impact indicator, on the other hand, looks like an ordinary cap, but is equipped with the technology to detect concussion and other head trauma. The latter has been backed by Reebok, the report detailed.

The company is also working on an "intelligent catheter" that can be used inside the body. This device contains nanometer-thin sensors that gives physicians real-time feedback during a medical procedure. With these wearable devices, there would be no need for a patient to be confined to a hospital bed. They can instead function normally while undergoing medical tests without many wires attached to them, the report explained.

All these are part of an emerging industry called "epidermal electronics" or "wireless sensor technology," Small Business Trends reported.

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