Diffbot, Semantria form special partnership to analyze scores of text on the Web

By Rizza Sta. Ana

Nov 23, 2013 11:37 AM EST

Semantria, a company that provides services in sentiment and text analytics to small and medium-sized businesses, announced its special partnership with Diffbot in order to speed up mining and analysis of text on the Web.

Semantria was born out of a joint venture by founder Oleg Rogynskyy and Lexalytics, a leading text analytics technology provider. Its services provided insight to decision makers out of unstructured text. Semantria's technology help capture the sentiment, categories, themes, entities and other pertinent factors or criteria required by decision makers in order to come up with a decision.

Founded in 2008 by Michael Tung and Leith Abdulla, Diffbot had been developing algorithms and public APIs or application programming interface to extract data from pages in the Internet, which is also called Web scraping.

The venture of Semantria and Diffbot was not meant to boost the former's client base. Semnatria has an impressive 170 paying clients and 10,000 users who had subscribed to its trial version, said Rogynskyy. Rogynskyy also claimed that Semantria was not looking for a profit booster as the company itself is already profitable.

A VentureBeat article, however, deduced that the partnership was complementary. Client who use Semantria wanted to look for information like user habits of people on the Web at a click of a button. Diffbot would bring in a different level of expertise via its computer vision that would expand Semantria's already extensive Web mining process, VentureBeat concluded as the two had been sponsors at a Semantic Web hackathon that happened in San Francisco.

A developer of Diffbot made a simple plugin designed for Chrome to enable uses to change the background color of his Twitter and Faceboook messages according to his sentiment, like green for positive or red for negative, for example. Semantria awarded the Diffbot developer a prize for that specific plugin, Rogynskyy said. Rogynskyy then, said he started engaging with a Diffbot executive, who was also present at the hackathon. The partnership was then formed some time after the hackathon, Rogynskyy revealed.

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